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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Pre-Xmas comp...and the WINNERS ARE...

Well, hang on, let's set the scene first....way back sometime, I posted a pic of a sign at Cubbie Towers and invited guesses as to what the last line might be. I boldly stated that there would be a prize for the right answer and a prize for the funniest.

The right answer is, of course......

I couldn't announce the winners and answer before, because this is the first time that the sign hasn't been completely covered in snow since the competition opened. No, really. All the names of those who guessed correctly are in a hat, the only thing is, I've lost the hat, so a winner will be announced when I can find it, and as for the winner of the funniest, it was a hard decision, but I left it to MRS BC and she whittled it down to....

...eating chocolate on these premises and not offering a bit to GBC
From U N


...Pickpockets & Loose Women

...of being aware?

...Gorgeous Chocolate Eating Semi-Scottish women?

...Mrs BC
The Big (but not very brave) Yin

But the one she couldn't stop laughing at....was.....drum roll please......
BEWARE OF Free Range Biker Chicks
Well done Stuart, some kind of mystery, if not invisible, prize will be on its way to you!

Thanks all for having a go, can't believe that attracted nearly 50 comments - must do it again some time!!


Stuart said...

WOWEEE!, I have won a prize!

Do I have to make a long, boring acceptance speech like at the Oscars? Not sure I deserve it, there have been some really witty answers and the comp has been great fun. Thankyou.

P.S. How do I know when my invisible prize has arrived? ;-)

Darrell said...

Awww...shucks... I never thunk about trains. Do they have those is Sconny Botland?

Anonymous said...

Good Job Stu!!


Stuart said...

Still looking for your hat?

Is that it on your head keeping the snow off? ;-)


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