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Saturday, 31 May 2008

County 2 - Fraserburgh!

Well that was fun. Overslept on Sunday, rushed out to sort the bike, all I had to do was put petrol in and top up the oil. Never so simple though. Tipped a can of petrol in not thinking that the cork plunger would have dried out and shrunk after I drained the tank the previous weekend. So out came a lot of precious fuel all over my foot. Got the rest back in the can, hunted high and low for the spare plungers that Robbo (he's from Wales ya know) sent me. What a star, my hero, my saviour. One of them was a perfect fit so it was back in with the petrol and see what happened.....oh you've no idea how nice it is NOT to have stinking petrol spewing out all over the place! Mind you, still had the leak from the actual tank to deal with, so I stole a bar of soap from the house and rubbed it all over the bit I thought was dribbling. Seemed to stop it a bit but still a drip. Bike started first kick. Finally set off to the Fraserburgh show and can now tick Aberdeenshire off as a county completed. Not the best weather but at least it didn't rain (just as well 'cos I forgot my leaky waterproofs). Met a load of jolly nice people who all sponsored me and came to look at Cubbie. Had a super lunch and spent the afternoon with friends, fending off Cubbie related insults. Westie won the Champion of Champs award for his 1930 Ariel, just pipped Cubbie to that particular post. Well done that man. Cubbie was obviously sulking as it wouldn't start at the end of the show, luckily Shorty was on hand to bump start it around the car park. On the way home something didn't quite feel / sound right and my bottom felt unseasonably warm, or was that just my imagination again? Hope so. Bike seemed to lack a bit of power though and engine didn't sound as crisps us usual. Felt awfully hot by the time I got home, only a short hop up the road, about 25 miles or so. Gonna have to check a few things, Diggie says start with the tappets and timing then begin to worry. Thanks, I do enough of that already.

And some news from down on the farm...two more lambs have appeared but their Ma isn't too well, possibly a case of milk fever, so Mrs BC and I have been out there tonight dosing the poor old ewe up with Calcium. Not a pleasant task as the sheep has to be flipped upside down so that the injections can go behind each leg. Leaves a nasty swollen lump. Hopefully will do the trick and see her back bright as a button. Guess I'll be doing my bit with the rubber rings tomorrow...

So, two down, 31 to go and another corporate sponsor on to be added to the list as soon as it is all confirmed. Roll on Thursday and Shetland...followed by Ayr on Sunday and possibly some surrounding counties.

00:54 and I've just put the finishing touches to my latest article. Hope the boss likes it. I'm off to bed. Ciao.

PS I think I'm going to have to run a master class in 'how to leave a comment on GBC's blog'! If you look at the end of this post, you'll see it says '0 comments'. Click on that, which opens up a comment page, write your message and choose how you wish to sign it - you don't even need an account to sign your name, so just tick the 'name' box or if you're shy like me, go for the 'anon' option. Then click 'publish'. Simple!


Anonymous said...

Great read again BC ......

and the cubbie is still running, now thats an event all by itself.

can't wait to see the real story in the mag .......

Anonymous said...

Hey GBC...looking forward to picks of Fraserburgh long is the trip to Shetland, do you leave out of Aberdeen? Keep up the good work. BigBobW

Anonymous said...


Hope you enjoyed the show in Ayrshire - will e-mail you the photos v soon.

Looking forward to hearing how you got on in Dumfrieshire.



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