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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Part 2 of Counties 10 - 13

Haha, had a few requests for part 2....did I find the key? What happened at filming? How did it all go? Is Cubbie gonna be an international film star?

Well, I still can't tell you. Sorry. I know, but just be patient, all will be revealed! Gawd, now I've gone and done it eh. Anyway you can have another story while you wait. Got a phone call from the boss of Classic Dirt Bike while I was away asking for a 3 page feature (as opposed to a page 3 feature) about my Bultaco. Hmm, slight hitch there boss, it's still in a few pieces after Captain Bill completed the engine rebuild. Well crack on and put it back together, was the answer.

So I have.

More or less.

No major probs yet, apart from I can't find the front brake shoes.

And there was a cloud burst while I was merrily popping the engine in the frame which seemed to have shrunk.

Pics later, tea time now :-D


Anonymous said...

Get the shed up then you wont have to stop working when it rains.

Anonymous said...

So whens the shed building party?Cant have you working oot side

Lindsay said...

Don't mention the "SHED"

ha ha ha

It'll be all right without a front brake, not much call for it on a trails bike really.

Lindsay said...

Great pics. You are really enjoying this aren't you.

BTW it looks like the Cubbie might be running a wee tad on the weak side going by the colour of the pipe in the canal pic BC. Could be wrong like, but it is blue for a long way down the pipe.

Anonymous said... what's the blue item (thingy) ?


Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Linds...someone else said that about the pipe but I haven't changed anything, well, I did change the main jet (when it seemed to be running a bit on the hot side and not pulling very well) but then changed it back to what it was on before as it as running a bit rich. And as if by magic, its not running so hot or so poorly now either.

Bigbob...assume you mean the zorst that Linds was on about...

Kawa...Slick..Linds...don't mention the SHED. Tis the bane of my summer!

Anonymous said...

no..6 items in the grass...3rd from left ...what is that? where does it go?


Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Oh THAT! Sorry, thats the 'fairing' LOL


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