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Sunday, 16 January 2011

On the pull.

Settle down you lot, it's not what you think. I need a puller for the timing pinion. Captain Bill came round yesterday bringing with him a selection of 3-legged pullers and others, but none would fit due to the lack of space in the tiny Terrier motor.
So I looked on the Greystone Tiger Cub spares website, with the intention of buying one, and noticed they also have a distributor drive gear removal tool, ooh, thought I, I could get ahead of the game here and buy one of those at the same time, but they're out of stock. So, I've asked my chums on the Tiger Cub forum if anyone has these two tools and if I can borrow them, we'll see what transpires.
Captain Bill also confirmed that the nasty grooves in the barrell were more than likely to have been caused by the circlip going on holiday allowing the gudgeon pin to move about and score the barrel rather deeply. So, with what looks like a +40 piston already, I'm on the hunt for a +60, a decent second hand one would be fine if you happen to have one in that box of bits at the back of the shed....

Well done Graham B for spotting the small hitch with the oil pump - it isn't connected to anything!

Good job GBC didn't just fire the engine up without checking it all if...!

In other news, if you follow Gee-Bee Chick on Facebook, you'll know I've now crossed even further over to the wrong side and signed up for Twitter. They won't let me use a - in my name over there, so if you wanna follow me there, I would be delighted if you do, then you need to look for GeeBeeChick, I think, I don't know if you have to put @GeeBeeChick or waaaaat. I've got 3 followers already, so hello and welcome if you've come over here from over there.

Right, I'm off to work. Is there no rest for the wicked? No, obviously not.


U N said...

Before getting a +60 piston, check that the grooves aren't so deep that they'll still be there after you've had your barrel rebored.
An alternative is to check whether the existing bore is still OK for a +40 piston (not too worn). Then have the grooves filled with weld, grind down the excess weld with a lathe or boring machine, then have the barrel honed. If you end up using a +60 piston you'll have to have the barrel bored and honed anyway, so this would save the cost of a piston.
Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Wondering if you can get your barrel re-sleeved, and possibly go back to a standard piston? I don't know about welding on the barrel, are they not cast iron? Seems I recollect seeing some brazing repairs done on some cracked or "split" sleeves, then honed out. Maybe it's possible to repair grooves, but it seems with all the work involved maybe a sleeve and new piston might be a way to go...? Hairy Larry

kawa said...

Why not use the top end off the other Cub engine, if it fits?, till you can sort out the barrel and piston. If you do that I'll get the new rings that are for that engine in the post. Just a thought


Anonymous said...

Just realized in my previous post I should have said...maybe you can get your barrel "sleeved", not re-sleeved. If you haven't seen a barrel that has been sleeved, it's a two step process where the original barrel is bored out to take the "sleeve".The sleeve is pressed in than the relined barrel is bored out to the appropiate piston size.I'm assuming that your Terrior is like the British bikes I've worked on where the original barrel is a one piece cast iron unit.And, also assuming your barrel has never had a liner installed. We used to sleeve many iron barrels at the shop I worked at, in the last century. Interestingly, if all went well as you pressed them in it would make a little "pop..pop..pop..sound. HL

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Thanks for clearing that up Larry! Good thinking all you chaps, Captain Bill has cast his infinitely more experienced eye (than mine) over the barrel and assures me a rebore to +60 is the way to go - and he knows a little man who will do the job once I have provided the new piston, which, luckily, I've been able to source from a fellow Cub and Terrier owner over on the forum.

Yeehaaa, are you all as excited as I am??? Hehe, somehow I doubt it!

Anonymous said...

GBC, Now you are Facebook and I have link to your blog I am on it bit more, I notice that there are a lot of comments being deleted by you. I hope it is not anything bad and you are not being targeted by a wrong un. As a fellow female with a website and being on all these social networking sites its always a worry. Kathy

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's always exciting to see a project coming together. For some of us who have been slacking off, we have to get our "gearhead" experiences vicariously....or something like that? Hope nobody from the "other side" is troubling you. You just let all your blogger pals know if that's the case and we'll rumble over on a bunch of wee dirtbikes and scare them off with all the racket!! HL

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Hehe, nothing bad like that Kathy and Larry, just I made a mistake when posting my comment and the only way to change it is to delete it!

Can't wait for you to rumble over on a dirtbike tho Larry, when shall we expect you?

And come on man, you better crack on with your own rebuild - you won't get as much help and tips from me as I have from you though!

The Chief Bodger said...

I was thinking along the same as HL about resleeving and standard piston as I thought it might be cheaper and easier than the welding, boring and +60 piston and rings.

But Captain Bill says this will be just as good, then give it a go and see how it turns out. Could be just the trick.


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