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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

So after the karting day...

I went shopping. I love a bit of shopping now and again, don't you? Real girlie stuff, ya know, things frames...wheels...distributors and the like. Hah! No clothes or make up and airy fairy shopping for me, uh uh. A guy called George spoke to me at one of my trips down to Central Scottish VMCC, and told me he had a garage full of Cub related bits that had to go, was I interested? Hmmm, let me think a while....YEP! It took a few weeks but I started compiling a list of Terrier bits that I need, and after passing it on to George, was delighted when he said he had quite a few of the bits I was looking for. So a quick visit on the way home from karting was in order. And I got....a couple of frames, one complete with plunger units - primary reason for getting them was to get the plunger units, but you never know when a frame will come in handy. A box of electrical compants including an ignition switch and complete distributor, a few spare wheels or various sizes, just in case, and a couple of sets of light weight forks.

With one of the wheels came a not too bad sprocket which might be a suitable replacement for the one that's on Terry, oh yes and a nice pair of handlebars with the levers 'built in'. So that should all help the project whizz along, if only I can find the time to crack on with it before, errrr, June....

Thursday, 26 May 2011


Up astonishingly early last Sunday morning, off to Glasgow to meet up with a bunch of fellow MZers and friends. Had brekky at a roadside Little Chef and bumped into a famous darts player - Wolfie, aka Martin Adams. Spotted that his left hand was covered in those hideous bulgy gold rings that darts players often wear, and then saw his van outside. The waitress was besotted and he promised to send her a signed photo to display next the to the pic she has of Bobby "Dazzler" George.

There were 9 karters in total. Rather than wear the helmets and boilersuits provided by the karting place we all took suitable bike gear (or for the one guy who actually rode his bike there, he was ready dressed).

The weather was forecast to be wet and windy, well, it certainly was windy for the drive south but after a light smattering of rain the sun shone most of the afternoon. Fully briefed on what the various coloured flags meant and a reinforcement of the 'no barging people out of the way' rule, we were given numbers 1-9 and split into two groups for our first practice runs. It was found to be most amusing by some people that I needed a booster seat so that I could reach the peddles. But then I found it most amusing that I 'won' my practice run, won my heats and did rather well in qualifying for the final, despite my kart breaking down and despite having been shoved off the track on a few occassions!

I'm the yellow dot on the left side of the track...

The only downside was that the Organisers started me from NINTH position on the grid for the FINAL!!! How'd they work that one out? The final was a rare old chuckle though, with the 'no barging people out of the way' rule going AWOL. Because there were only 9 of us, everyone qualified, and from my start in 9th, I cleared about 3 karts before the first corner, then made it round the outside and inside of a couple more and was in 3rd place, rapidly gaining on my main rivals at the front of the pack, only for the race to be stopped after a pile up at the back. A re-start was in order so back to 9th again, and this time I only managed to get to 4th as the chequered flag fell. Miffed? Yes, of course! Fun? YES!! Do it again? DEFINITLY!!! Oh, and the bestest thing of all - the organisers had money on me to win.

Just out of curiosity (ok, more to do with my ever so advanced competitive nature) I acquired a copy of the fastest lap times - shall I post it up? Wadday say? Do you think the guys would be pleased to have their times posted? I'm sure they won't mind. Here is it....Followed by a pic of some of the slowest guys on the track, meeowww!!!

Thanks to UN for instigating the BIG KARTING DAY OUT and thanks to all who went along and made it one of the best days out away from bikes I've had in a long time. See you next time...

Friday, 20 May 2011

Blog Down Time

My apologies for the apparent lack of activity on here lately. For once, it wasn't my fault. For the last week, every time I've tried to log in to post there has been some kind of error. A quick Google of said error revealed that Blogger had been having a spot of bother with things, and some blogs lost posts or comments or both. Luckily, it would seem that I didn't lose any, just couldn't add anything. I've got a busy weekend ahead; fencing (barbed wire, not swords (foils?)), paper work, admin, moving sheep and partaking of a karting Grand Prix in the Glasgee area, plus, hopefully, Terrier parts shopping, so some time next week I'll attempt to pop an update about everything that Cubbie Towers on for you.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Funny looking Cub bit?

This has been in my box of Cub spares and I've never really looked at it - never really needed spares (oops that's temping fate!) but I thought it was about time I had a proper sort out of what's in there. So what is it and what is it from? No prizes, just the sheer satisfaction of being able to enlighten GBC and further expand her knowledge of old bike bits.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Sidecar wanted for TV work

There seems to be a lot of call for bikes and sidecars lately, here's the latest request I've had through. If you can help, drop me a line on cubbies counties AT aultan . com (remove the spaces and change AT to @)

...we are filming a TV series in Glasgow and we are looking for a motorcycle and sidecar in ivory, preferably 1920s but '30s would be ok...can you help...?

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Flying time.

Blimey, time really does fly. Just picked up a 3-bike trailer from Grampian Classic club member Barry, 'cos I'm doing the breakdown duties at the Cairn O Mount classic run tomorrow, and when I went to gather a few tools and straps etc from the shed, I found all the stuff I took last the same box...packed away neatly...and I never knew I'd lost them til now!

Gosh, that was an awfully long sentence.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Keeping up with the GBC

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Go on, you know you want to.....!


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