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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Scottish Vintage Training Day numero two.

Did I mention that the second Scottish Vintage Training Day is booked for Sunday 22nd May at Lanark? Gosh, how remiss of me! Well it is, and you'll never guess what, we've had our first enquiry already. The trouble is, we don't have any bikes lined up yet, soooooo, if you have a pre1931 machine, or indeed, some later models will be ok as long as they have either hand gear change or lever throttle, or any features that makes your bike just a little bit different and challenging to ride, then I want to hear from you. The Indian we had last year was so well received, that anything along those lines will be most welcome again, along with Morgans, BSA three-wheelers and sidecar outfits.

The training days are the only way that some people can experience vintage motorcycles, so please consider lending a machine. The day is overseen by Chairman Kim Allen and is conducted in an educational manner with riders (and owners) being fully briefed before any riding takes place. Please note that your machine must be roadworthy and road legal - but you've got 4 months yet so get those spanners out and get cracking, Grommet!

If you have any questions, have a bike to lend, want to help out (yes, we need a few helpers to make sure things run smoothly - how about if you were an entrant last year, switching roles and helping out this year?) or want to book a place, give me a shout - cubbiescounties AT but change the AT to @.


connell1975 said...

what is the price for the plesure of the day out on these old motorcycle's

Anonymous said...

Bit quiet in here!

Good luck with the Scottish Vintage Training Day.

ng :)

Anonymous said...

It's almost that time of year again? Seems like just the other day SVTD number uno was happening.Looking forward to seeing all about number two. Hairy Larry

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Hey Scott, its £30 for a whole days riding - you can ride as many bikes as you can fit in!

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Sorry NG, lots to do with the start of the new riding season, plus Terry plus the dreaded W word...! Still, got the pullers and piston now, so just need to get the barrel sorted and then we're off once more with the rebuild.

Larry, you're spot on min, feels like only yesterday we had all the chaos of finding bikes and twisting arms ;-) now its to do all over again!

Anonymous said...

That's good to hear, after all, I'd hate to think of you kicking back, watching Loose Women, and sipping your - medicinal - Whisky, whilst nibbling Chocky!


connell1975 said...

that is a good price for a day I will give it some thought


kawa said...

Scott dont think about it, do it!
I was there last year and it was one of the best days out I've had.
GBC did you ever post any film footage from that day?


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