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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Terry and Cubbie II

That's a point, what am I going to call my trials Cub? There's no hurry but I need a name for it. I plan to let the local Scout group have a go at working on it, not sure to what extent yet, maybe it will just be wire brush and painting, or maybe I'll let them help me strip the engine, we will see how that goes, but I can't think of a better way to get youngsters interested in old bikes, than by letting them get their hands dirty.

Now, talking of getting dirty. There's a lot, and I mean a LOT of wire brushing to be done to Terry the Terrier. While I think about it, I really ought to set the wheels in motion (ha ha) for sorting out the reg number and official bits too, cos if I don't get on with it, before you know it, it'll be June and I'll be ready to set off to Shetland... Yep, that's my aim. Get it ready and running and on the road for the Simmer Dim 2011. Whaddya mean that's mad? I've got 6months yet!!

I've got some pics for you of the rusty pile of bits and pieces, which I'll put up after we've moved the sheep today.

PS, anyone else following the cricket...

Engine dismantling work started yesterday but didn't progress much due to the absence of a clutch puller, and the rotor seemingly being stuck on the shaft. I'm sure it should just pull off? Then I thought I'd move on to taking the carby off, and such like, no go, the nuts are stuck and one of the rocker studs (that doesn't sound like the right term...) unfixed itself from where it should be fixed to. So I gave the stuck nuts a liberal spray of WD40 and gave up.

I think I'll keep the two-tone job on the oil tank, it gives the bike a bit of character. Just a spit and polish required, not that I would actually spit on it 'cos I'm a lady.
Two 20" wheels. The brake bits look a bit rusty, but at what stage of rust does one have to do something serious to sort it out?
Alright, alright, I'll get a new sprocket!
Mr P made a good point at club night this week, he suggested that finding 'affordable' tyres for the 20" wheels might be tricky - following the pointers from the guys on I've started getting prices - some horrendous, ie £77 for one tyre!!! And some not so bad, around the £45 mark. Still pricey tho, that's my whole budget for the bike ;-)

Ah, the easy bit. Hopefully. Wire brush, de-grease in the bath with the help of Mr Muscle, paint it up, away we go. Oh yes.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck getting Terry finished, should be an interesting wee bike.
Theres a few of us from the Z1oc heading up for the Rally, it'll be a good long weekend.


Anonymous said...

I'da thought that you'd call your trials Cub – 'Trains'. :)

Schools quite often accept donations of cars and/or motorcycles so that Students who are on 'work related courses' can gain some practical experience, and one School in either Portland or Weymouth then flog the completed 'project' on eBay.

Now, the 'Simmer Dim', well, the young lady has obviously had a touch too much egg-nog over the festive period. Google proved me wrong tho'!

And one last thing, why are the sheep sitting on your pics?

Ho ho, ng :)

Anonymous said...

Damn, of course I'm following the Cricket. I think we're safe now, shame Cook didn't get his double century.

Mind you if the Aussies win, it'll be one of the biggest turnarounds LIKE EVEEER, as a young person might say.

ng :)

Anonymous said...

A Scout group to scrub and sand and polish parts...sounds like a plan...Tell ya wot, you get your Terrior running and I'll see if I can get my extremely basket case Pre-unit TR-6 going. First I'll have to find all the baskets! Started this project about...oh probably before you were born. I guess it's about time to do it. Ready, set...go! Hairy Larry

Stuart said...

Do I see another comp around the corner?
"Name the Trials Cub"

Answers on a postcard please to:-

G.B.C, Cubbie Towers, Somewhere near Scotland.

Anonymous said...

6 months, eh?

I hope you've got lots of Cubs coming up to Scoutie Towers armed with BIG wire brushes.

Job a Bob!

(: gn

Darrell said...

"highly polished?"
A little exaggeration there, maybe?

Anonymous said...

Plenty of elbow greaase from the young sprogs "should" help with the rusty bits, as long as they're not real bad.

A name for trials cubbie.....howzaboot Gordon after one of THE most famous trials riders there was, Gordon jackson of one dab fame. That or Sammy after another famous trials rider.


Anonymous said...

Well if it's a 'Trials' Cub you could call it either "Barrister" or "Tribulation"...



Stuart said...

If you use as much silicone on this one you could always call it "Jordan" ;-)


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