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Friday, 25 September 2009

Shopping and Haggis Prep.

Girls just love shopping, don't we? Well this one doesn't, not unless it's something to do with bikes. I went shopping last night on my way home from work. It's a good job Asda is open until 10pm. With the Haggis Run literally running towards us at a rate of knots, I needed to get a few bits and pieces, big envelopes for the rider packs, food tickets and the like. Then I spotted a gadget I knew we had to have. A mini-laminator! Not for laminating minis as you might think, but a relatively small machine that I'm sure Mrs BC can find room for in her office, 'cos there ain't no room in mine! To have any laminating done, I normally have to email the files to my computer-coordinated chum, Tricky, and then have to make a special journey over there to collect the items, and of course, we don't like him to be out of with this little cheapo gadget, that should save us a few quid in the long run. Can't wait to give it a try....yes I know, easily pleased and all that.

Ooooh, talking of shopping again, we have to order the Commemorative Gifts on Wednesday, and then they should be ready on Friday. That might sound a little bit last minute but trust us on this, we know what we're doing.

What else is there to do? All the usual blurb really, copy all the route sheets, collate the entries and order the necessary number of meals at the various venues we're using, then there's the issue of the Sun Dance we managed to get soooo right last year. And alongside all this, we have to catch and tag some sheeps for sale, visit the tractor day, maybe, sell a bike (not mine, I'm just the middle-woman) and go to work occasionally. And I suppose I had better give you the report on the UCAN run that I promised! Time for brekky now.


Anonymous said...

Laminators are really useful for all sorts of motorcycling things:
1. If you write out route cards, laminate them and put them in your tankbag. That way they don't get all soggy and torn if (when) it rains.
2. Photocopy the commonly consulted pages of your workshop manual, laminate them and pin them to your shed wall. That way you can consult them half way through a job and they don't get covered in oily fingerprints.
3. If your laminator can handle the thicker, more rigid sheets; print direction arrows onto a sheet of paper, laminate them, and you can nail or cabletie them onto fence posts, etc, when organising club runs.
4. Laminate your tax disc. This stops it getting soggy inside its holder. Even better, photocopy or 'scan and print' your tax disc, laminate it, then fit it to your bike. If it gets stolen or falls off, then you haven't lost your 'real' one. OK, this is probably illegal, but I haven't seen a Policeman wearing an anorak!


Anonymous said...

You are going to love using the laminator :o)

I've got one and it is so satisfying when it pulls in unlaminated, dull, crinkly paper one side and feeds out perfect, shiny, smooth the other side.

And as UN says, loads of uses!

Graham B

Darrell said...

Laminators come in surprisingly handy.


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