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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Bonny Scotland

Tis such a nice day today that I've spent all morning outside, pottering around doing a few odd jobs on the shed. But the big question is, should I paint or creosote the single door? I've got a small amount of green paint, and larger quantities of brown and purple non drip gloss I could get rid of. What do you say? Leave a comment and let me know what us girls are like when it comes to making decisions!

This afternoon, I was going to write up my trip to Duff House (last Sunday) but to be honest, the sun is still I hope you don't mind....but I'm off out again....


Anonymous said...

Creosote or paint? Just as long as you're not talking about old fashioned coal tar creosote. This is extremely dangerous and is carcinogenic (hence the reason you can't buy it any more). Also, if a cat licks it, it will die. So think of our furry friends!(If not your own health).
As for paint, green and brown would fit in with the rural look, but not purple! It'll look like a 70s disco!!

(someone who was in a 70s disco - in the 70s!!)

Anonymous said...

Green, brown and purple together, Would make a bonny tartan door,
The colours of the heather,
On Scotland's Highland moor.

If your decision making fails,
And an answer can't be found,
Try the colours on your nails,
Tartan fingers, green,purple,brown!

Rabbi Burns ;-)

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

That's a beautiful peom Rabbie, thanks for joining us.

Norm, its as real as you can get these days, although I don't think its the really REAL stuff my grandaddy used to use most every year of his adult life (he lived to be 90), but it's too late now....I've gone for paint....even given it an undercoat so it's all proper, like. Haven't made my mind up yet though; green or purple? I'm not sure our cats go around licking the sheds, but I suppose anything is possible!

kawa said...

Purple on the inside, Brown for the outside and paint the hinges on in Green :-), or just pour in to one big pot and see what comes oot

"you know what us girls are like when it comes to making decisions!"

That means you'll just do what you want anyway, lol


Anonymous said...

It's not cats licking sheds, it's if they walk on drips on the ground then lick their paws, then they could be on their way to kitty heaven.
If you've got a lot of purple paint, perhaps Cubbie could have a makeover!
(And you could do your nails to match!)

Anonymous said...

Green, it is my favourite colour,
Ideal for a Cubbie door,
Purple is more like pretty PINK,
A shade we all know you adore!!

Stuart ;-)
aka R.B.

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

You obviously have hidden talents Stu (or not so hidden now), I reckon we should have a poetry competition next...

Oh I see what you mean now Norm! Don't worry, all cats and dawgs are kept well away from wet creosote.

Kawa, you might be right...then again, you might not...teehee

Anonymous said...

I know that I used to be indecisive too, but now I'm not so sure!
Perhaps the colour should depend on whether your newly arrived frame will grow up to be a cubbie or a cubette.

Stuart 8-)

Anonymous said...

Green Door...Brown Exterior...Purple to mark the sheep



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