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Friday, 4 September 2009

Duff House and Shed Painting

The Duff House show isn't usually well attended by us classic motorcyclists, but this year however, the turnout was much improved. Someone said there were a couple of hundred classic and specialist cars there, but I didn't bother to count, all cars look the same to me, unless it's something like a Model T. Alfie Cheyne's steam engines were there too (the chap we went to visit a few weeks back as a club trip) as well as a selection of tractors.

Cubbie suffered a bit of a fuel tap leak. It was ok at home, but by the time Cubbie had waited around a few hours, I came back to find a big petrolly puddle beneath the wee bike. This is my brand new tap, which I purchased for the very reason of replacing the old one - that leaked. This new one seems to bleed from the threads where it screws into the tank and no amount of tightening by the chaps (using a wotcha-call-it, wrench thing with big vicious jaws - ouch!) would stop it. Mr P was going to perform the 'string trick' but the others outvoted him and simply tightened it up even more. To be fair, the leak did ease a bit, but the application of a bit of string wrapped around the thread when back at home, dried it up altogether. Well, it'll save me buying a wotcha-call-it-washer that everyone said I needed!

And onto shed news.....calm's not that exciting.....
Every time it's rained, heavy or not, I end up with a big puddle of water in the shed. It came in under the left hand wall because as a novice shed floor builder, I made my concrete base bigger than it needed to be, which meant that rather than the walls sitting right on the edge and overlapping it, one side sits about a couple of inches in from the edge. Yes, that means that the rain runs down the wall and under the shed. My Bright Ideas Man came up with a slightly better sounding suggestion than a bead of silicon - fix a length of roofing felt along so that it directs the water off the base. Simple. So I did that the other day, before I did the painting and am pleased to report that even after nearly 36hours of non-stop rain here in the north east of Scotland, the shed floor is bone dry. Well, apart from where it leaks between and under the doors...but they'll be fixed on properly soon and probably have a 'weather board' of sorts too.
I was just about to upload a piccy but blogger is refusing to work, so that's all for now.


Darrell said...

Nice pictures. I love the old cars, and the blue Rover looked quite nice.
Just out of curiosity, do you have or use any Teflon tape? It works wonders on things like fuel taps. I've never tried the string trick though.

kawa said...

Answer to the Viking logo is

"The Rover mascot began its life as an innocent pun on the most famous rovers of all - the Vikings. As the word ‘Rover’ means ‘wanderer’ or ‘seafarer’, a Viking mascot was considered apt for the Rover company."

Thats the same as someone said to the owner of the car who didnt know where the conection came from.

Great wee show, well worth the visit.

"Good turn out by the GCMCC and VMCC" an what about the Z1oc? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Please tell me you Photoshopped the mural onto the side of the Rolls Royce. I can't believe that someone would do something so tasteless!
If you're collecting Triumph logos, I used to have a Triumph bicycle that had the word 'Triumph' cast into the chainwheel. That's one for you to look out for. Also, there's a company called Triumph that make things much closed to a lady's heart*
Will bring some Teflon/PTFE tape to the show tomorrow (didn't you just know that I'd have something like that!)


(* In case anyone didn't get it, there's a bra manufacturer called Triumph.)

kawa said...

UN , that RR looked fantastic with the Hot Rod murals an Angels, picture dosen't do it justice, at the end of the day its only a car.



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