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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Ello ello ello.

Ok ok I'll own up. The nice policeman you see there was our speaker for the Grampian Classic club night. We had an interactive quiz thingy about road safety and the highway code - sounds a bit dry but actually it was quite a laugh.

A few more from Kawa...looks like he's taking this winter photo comp seriously - suggest you get out there and get me some more winter shots you lot or Kawa will be walking away with the prize....

A wee bit o snow on the way hame

The Ochils

Summer seat

And I thought I'd put a few of my own up today, seeing as "snow is playing havoc with life in the north east today..." or so they say on the news.

Mr & Mrs Goosie are first...they don't much like the snow...understandably...

Followed by the view from the sitting room window this morning when I pulled back the curtains...


And rounded off with what I found when I let the dogs out the back door. Er...that tree isn't supposed to be hanging over the drive like where did I leave the chainsaw....


The scene was pretty much the same all day, we spent about 2 hours outside in the morning putting hay out for the sheep, checking hat everyone had water / straw / haynets and so on, then I cancelled my work for the afternoon as there was no way I as going anywhere. Made some good progress with a little bit of writing I'm doing though. Needed a break from the computer in the afternoon and took Star (our dog, not Star from for a walk down the lane to take some more photos for you good people...






john said...

wots all that about then ????
You cant just post a pic like that and say nuffin ..... hahahaha

Anonymous said...

one things for sure it'll no be a speeding ticket for Cubbie lol


Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Oh yes I can!

Anonymous said...

Polis pic has nothing to do wi me,GBC posted that.

Looks like you'll be winning the prize GBC,great pics

Anonymous said...

I like 'Fitful Head' or 'Summer Seat' the good officer there to insure fairness in the balloting? ... lol


Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Oohh yes BigBob, you could be right there - PC Gill might have been there to check everyone had ticked the correct box on the VMCC voting forms that came with the Feb Journal this month...but sadly that wasn't the case.

GBC not allowed to take part in the piccy comp...although for saying what you said there Kawa, neither are you now! Hehe!

Anonymous said...

So when do we find out who wins 'The Gorgeous Biker Pic'?

Think I'll mke my own T-shirt tho'... ;-)


will b said...

4 trips to Tobermory and i ain t seen him yet?.Pc Plum I presume.


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