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Friday, 11 April 2008

Practice Lap 1

Just like any huge sporting event, practice must be undertaken before Cubbies Counties officially begins. Don't forget, bold as I am for coming up with the idea of riding to all 33 Scottish counties, I haven't actually done that many miles on Cubbie. Yet. Yesterday, after deciding that I'm not going to fix The Noise by riding up and down the drive, I togged up and nipped down to the local garage, some 5 or 6 miles away. you're not going to believe this, but by the time I got there, The Noise had almost ceased. Or at least, it can't be heard when the engine is hot. But the guys humoured me and had a look 'n' listen. billy said it was Henry's department, and Henry said it was Ian's, and Ian said it was Johnny's, and Johnny, bless his Honda socks, came and had a listen. Give him his due, he asked how to start it and then fired it up first kick, even took it for a wee spin around the yard but no noise could be heard. Lee, the head honcho who always wears a woolly hat, got more than slightly distressed by the amount of oil landing on the new forecourt and came out with a rag to mop it up! Apart from that, they were all secretly impressed with the idea of Cubbies Counties.

This morning I fitted a new digital speedo 'cos some numpty broke the original one by taking it apart to glue the needle back of course, I had to take it out for a spin to check it was working. Off to Turra for petrol and a visit to the Vet to pick up some medicine for Goaty, then I was going to head home, but somehow ended up following the road to Cuminestown, through the village and out to New Deer, turn right at the cross roads and across the hills to Methlick, right again towards Fyvie but turned off for Greens, and then finally home. The only problem was the torrent of oil spewing from the primary case (again) and ending up on the rear wheel. Oh, and the faint rumbling sound....but I'm ignoring that until it gets more identifiable. Oh yeah, and the bogging fuel tap has sprung yet another leak, this time from the new washers at the stop where it screws into the tank. Nothing too bad, just a dribble. The speedo seems to work but how accurate it is I won't know until I can get Mrs BC to follow me in the car for a few miles.

So that's 39.6 miles of practice today, and about 12 from yesterday, so I think we're nearly ready. How about making a start on Monday?

Oh, see if you can spot the new piccy hiding on the blog somewhere.

PS it were bally cold today and me bike got affa dirty.


Shorty said...

Stop telling porkies, yer bike was affa dirty before you set oot

john said...

Monday !!!!!!! eeeek
well uve got to make a start sometime ...... close to home sounds a good plan lolol .... ease cubbie into the idea of international travel errrrr slowly.

Digital speedo on a Cub .... dont let em see that down the grumpy ol men club lolol

best of luck .......

and 2 good tips........
(1) a charged phone is good
(2) a warm a sleeping bag is good too (if you have to sit on the side of the road for a couple of hours)


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