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Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Well here was the plan for today....
Get up early(ish), pop over to club members Derek & Mo who live near Inverurie to pick up a battery for Cubbie.

Come home, fit battery and Cubbie would be restored to full(ish) working order once more.

Fit newly rebuilt Bulto engine (thanks Captain Bill) to frame and get that up and running so I can launch my attack on the world trials scene.

Then if any time left, write blog.

Now here's what I actually did.....
Got up early(ish) for me. After the usual walking of dogs and feeding of sheep, backed the MZ Skorp out of the shed, checked oil level. Topped oil up and just as I was thinking "hmmm, that's about enough...." a piece of the plasticy foily stuff from the neck of the bottle scooted out and jumped in the oil tank. Panic time. Ran for long nose pliers but they were too bulky to fit, nipped indoors and stole some tweezers but there were too short...and by this point, the bit of foil had sunk into the depths of the dark gooey contents.

There is a word to describe my thoughts at that precise moment, but I won't use it 'cos I know you lot are easily offended. Hehe.

I could see no other option than to drain the tank and remove the offender. But that would mean taking the oil tank off, and to do that meant I had to get rid of the fairing, undo all the electrical bits that bolt on to the front of the tank, and disconnect the three hoses in and out. Well, it looked easy. Starting at 10am you'd think I would have been finished long before 4pm. Even with the hairdryer in action to make the hoses pliable enough to pull off, and a length of hosepipe to drain the oil into an old container things didn't go quite to plan.

To cut what could be a very boring story short, I successfully removed and drained the tank, swished it out with petrol and lo and behold there was a huge piece of silver foil in the bottom. Little blighter. I shall enthrall you all with a picture tomorrow if you're lucky.

But the good news is I even managed to put it all back together, and nipped over to pick up the battery for Cubbie. Twas a wee bit chilly out there I tell ya.

I'm still getting the occasional mail about ideas for Cubbies Counties, so thanks to all who are taking the time to get in touch. Ya see, I could sit here and Google "places to go in such 'n' such a county" but that would be a)dull and b)unimaginative and c)would not take into account local knowledge. I want places that are yet to hit Google! Still planning when to set off on the first attack, keep your eyes peeled because I'll post it on here when I know.

Ciao for now dear readers.

PS. If you have one of those w i d e PC screens then chances are, I look a wee bit portly in that there picture (I've just seen myself on one so I know!). I would just like to say I don't look quite like that. No really, I don't.


Shorty said...

You really are a walking disaster.
Regarding your ps I dont have one of those wide PC screens and I think you look a bit whatever the word was that you used.

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Haha Shorty you're so sweet at times. Now, let me see, wheres the picture of that MOPED you sent me....


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