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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Chill babe!

Alright, alright! I'm back now so here's a little update for you.

Had a wonderful time in Edinburgh (ahem) at a work briefing. Three days of being stuck indoors while the sun shone and people texted me to say they were off out on the bikes. I shall get my revenge somehow! Managed to get locked out of my room three times, and had a run in with the staff because they kept stealing the fruit from my room and wouldn't let me have a complimentary bottle of water - which seeing as I don't drink tea and coffee, I thought would have been a nice gesture. Apparently the tap water is drinkable. YUK. Sorry, but how many people do you think Edinburgh tap water has been recycled through?

The concrete mixer was due to be fired up today to get the shed floor underway but the weather forecast was for rain so we cancelled. Now of course it's brightened up (although it still feels like minus 8 out there) and I've arranged to go to Forres instead!

I'm rather disappointed that the people I've contacted to discuss sponsorship of Cubbies Counties haven't even bothered to reply even though they've read the email. In that case, I won't even name and shame them as that would only be free publicity!

On a better note, the new goggles from Davida that finally arrived some 5 months after the original order (nothing to do with Davida, but something to do with Citylink who probably couldn't find an alcoholic drink in a public house!) are a much better fit, and for the first time since I started wearing an open face lid, I can see where I'm riding, 'cos they're designed to fit over a pair of specs.

I missed the Glenfarg Spring Gathering this weekend mainly because of the petrol situation and also due to having to travel to Edinburger on the same day. Very kind of Graeme to offer to rent out his spare room to me tho.

Well that's about it for now, I'd best crack on with my Velo test write up - did y'all see Short Stan in the mag this month? Well go and buy a copy then you'll see just how not tall he is hehehehe !

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john said...

.......... locked out of ur room 3 times ?????

more details please


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