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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Oh you canna start a Cubbie fae a car.

Good job I didn't have time to go out on Cubbie today. I say a good job, 'cos that means that I didn't break down, or smugly manage to bump start the bike before realising I'd turned the petrol off and then not being able to locate the tap whilst keeping the throttle pinned, or get wet when the skies opened, or have to wait for Mrs BC to come and collect me in the van, or remove the petrol tap when we got home 'cos it started leaking again but not having to hand a suitable receptacle for the £6 worth of petrol that came gushing out, or use my finger as a bung to stem the flow whilst getting my mobile phone out of my pocket and dialling Mrs BC to come outside and find me another vessel.

It also means I haven't got a sore ankle from pointlessly kicking Cubbie many many times until I realised the battery was flat, or sore legs from paddling down the road trying to build up enough speed to bump it, or sore kidneys from riding some particularly bumpy (but also very nice and twisty) roads.

Tell you what though, I can walk at 3.4mph whilst pushing Cubbie on level ground, and it must be travelling at approximately 7.9mph before it will even consider being bump started.

So, as I say, good job I didn't go anywhere today or I'd have to go and have a lie down.

And maybe some ice cream.

Or better still, some chocolate.

1 comment:

John said...

Just as well you stayed at home then Girl ..... could have been a proper trying day lol


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