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Saturday, 1 March 2008


Yee haaa. Tomorrow I'm off to test a bike for the mag, and taking Cubbie down to Shorty's place, so that he can transport it to the bike show at Ingliston for me. With the show being a two day job, it's not impossible for us northerners to take our own bikes down, just expensive. I would have to drop the bike off on Friday sometime, then either stay down til Sunday PM when it can be removed after the show, or trek home, then back to the show to look round - preferably on Saturday, then pick it up on Sunday evening.

So there y'go. Off to buy some animal feed. Laters chaps.

Well, that didn't quite go to plan. Normally the van requires two turns of the key to do all that glow plug stuff, but lately it has needed 3 or 4. SO in I hopped, 4 turns, nothing, 5 turns, nothing, 6 turns; time to give up. It obviously wasn't going to start, so switch to the car. The last hour and a half has been spent fitting 47 QUIDS worth of new glow plugs - but happily the van now starts after just one turn of the key. They're a right pain to fit though, and I think I've broken a nail and chipped a bit of varnish from my little pinkie nail.

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