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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

This n that.

Well that were fun so it were. Not so sure Mrs Bikerchick thought so, as she got dragged down to sunny Perthshire to stand around in the rather brisk breeze on top of a hill, while I tested a rather nice AJS Model 18 on the weekend. With the snow lashing down here just before we left, I wasn't too sure if the test would go ahead, but I had to take Cubbie down to Shorty's anyway, so wasn't about to cancel. I never thought I'd see the day when Cubbie was nicely tucked up in Shorty's shed.
After a long and cold day out, all we wanted on the way home was an Indian take away. We stopped in Aberdeen, and you wouldn't believe the amount of Chinese take away places, but Indian? Nope, none, zilcho. Least, not that we could find in a hurry. You'll be pleased to know that Puppy was a very good lad, this was the first time he was left alone for any length of time - no chews or poos or anything else.

Cold and snowing again today, so I'm putting my day off to good use by trying to find a cheap flight to Cardiff or Bristol, so I can cut out a lot of motorway miles when I go to the Moto Piston rally in Spain. Why Cardiff, you're thinking. Well good old Robbo of Wales has offered me a bike for the duration, so I thought it would be cheaper and quicker to plane it down, then hop over on the ferry to Espania. I don't call £250 cheap though. Where do people get flights for a quid? I also need to get to Scarborough somehow, could ride down, seeing as it's a VMCC event I'm going to, but the time limits on me simply don't allow that option. the cheapest I can get to Leeds, which I think is the nearest airport is nearly £200, unless I wish to go via Belfast.

Oh well, maybe I should quit surfing and fill in my entry forms for the National and the S&T! Yes! That's a plan, get those in the post ASAP or I'll miss out on two very popular, and no doubt, over subscribed events.

By the way, the AJS report should be in Classic Bike Guide in the near future, so you can look forward to seeing a frozen GBC practicing the 'feet up' style of road riding!


Lindsay said...

Hey Toots, you are famous, hitting the big time now with your blog, this came up on a global search for the Moto Piston Rally.

Lindsay said...

BA have a new service to Cardiff from Aberdeen,, pretty cheap.


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