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Friday, 21 March 2008

Our 2nd Large Lunch!

Bleedin' cold today don't you think? Had quite a bit of snow last night and this morning but I don't think it will hang around long. Luckily I've got an article to write up so I'll be tucked up warm and dry for a few hours at least. The dogs are settling in, and Star and Finn (puppy) have been out playing in the garden, getting on not too badly although Star does have a habit of nipping Finn's tail at times! Ringo is still being aggressive towards puppy but on a good note, he has finally started to eat a bit more. Even so, he is still really thin and his little ribs stick out.

Finally found my MZ registration document, which I've been looking for since the end of Feb, the idea being to tax the bike from March. I couldn't think where it had gone until I remembered I'd sent it away as a form of ID for something and when I looked in the right place, there it was! Obviously! At least it's taxed now and the disc arrived in just three days - in time for the snow, excellent timing on my part.

Wanna hear a funny story? Ok, sit down and listen up. I've never bought a new computer in all my life, making do with second and third hand recommissioned ones (awww), but last August my computer geek friend (he won't mind me calling him that I'm sure!) spotted a great deal in one of the PC mags he gets. I can't remember exactly how much it was, but according to him it was quite a bargain. Well I hacked into my Cubbiebank and was soon the owner of a nice shiny mega fast, mega memoried mega everything else machine. Life was great, surfing was fast and I could have umpteen windows (or tabs as they call them on Vista) open at a time without clogging it up or making it crash. Well that bliss only lasted for a few weeks before it developed a wee fault. Every so often, with no warning the screen would go black and I would have to restart it. Mr Geek tried several fixes, updating drivers etc but it began to get worse so I informed the manufacturers who also suggested a few fixes, none of which worked. So about two weeks ago, they said they would have it collected the very next day and have it fixed. Then the next day they got in touch to say the courier couldn't do a next day service for where I live so it would be arranged for a day the following week. Well I wrapped it all up and left it with Mrs Bikerchick 'cos I had to go to Glasgow. No one came for it. No one even left a card in the post box, and no one turned up for it the next day. This saga went on for 13 days, when I just happened to find a white van man, parked in a lay by down the road, studying a map, so I dragged him back here by the scruff of his neck and placed the parcel in the van for him. Then told him in no uncertain terms to put a huge red X on the map because he would be bringing that parcel back to me in a few weeks! The funniest thing is, the following day, another driver called to collect the parcel. Numpties. Oh yeah, and seeing as you ask, it is CITY LINK so if you live in the country, I'd try another courier. I'm still waiting for my Davida goggles to arrive - the ones they sent me in December.

So onto the Large Lunch. Classic Bike Guide have the Big Breakfast down south every year, and indeed, it has become a popular event with hundreds of old bikes and bikers meeting at a truck stop for brekky. Feeling left out, I thought we should have something similar up here, so the Grampian Classic CLub started the Large Lunch. This is on the same day - so if you were a nippy rider theoretically you could have breakfast down there and pop up to see us for lunch at the Sheiling Tor in Fyvie. We ask people to arrive by 11am and order food when you get there, you can have a sit down meal or takeaway we don't mind. There might be a wee dire out after lunch, but the main aim is just to get people chatting and nattering about bikes. The Ed of CBG has kindly allocated me TWO PAGES in the mag for my write up, so you'll know where to come if you want to star in the mag! Ah yes, the date? Sunday 6th April. See y'there.


shorty said...

I see you have been on the crabbit pills again

john said...

was pure joy to get back from France and find pages of THE blog to read ..... hahahahaha don't know how you do it BC..... you have a natural talent for making normal stuff interesting to read .....

2 whole pages mmmmmmmmmm must be room for a BikeShite plug or two, better be nice to you then ...... lol


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