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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Cubbies Counties Ideas Update

Ideas for Cubbies Counties have been rolling in slowly but surely. So far people have suggested Loch Ness (a pic of Cubbie with the monster - apparently I'd do if the monster wasn't available), John O Groats, the Clackmannanshire Council canteen (hoping I'll get a free lunch there), the the 'India of Inchinnan' factory in Renfrewshire which is a former tyre factory, and before that an airship factory, oh yes and Arbroath because someone wants me to eat a smokie, but out of the goodness of my heart I would rather bring that little fishy home for Mrs Bikerchick. Wanlockhead – highest village in Scotland (at least there I'll be taller than Short Stan), Strathpeffer - Scotland's only (?) spa town, the Whaligoe Steps just outside Wick, which are 350 flagstone steps cut into the cliff face. Apparently there is no road into the harbour at the bottom so it'll either be an off road jobbie or a park and walk. My vote is for the latter considering the brakes on the Cubbie aren't too hot. A couple of people have suggested I enter the Round Britain rally which sounds a good idea, except I don't know if that would leave me time in each county to visit particular places of my choice. Another option is the increasingly popular Scotia Challenge run by the Scottish classic club, which is the same sort of idea I believe. Might do that if they let me - it's for members only so I might have to gate crash!

So come on, where else should I go?

cubbiescounties AT (remember to change the AT to @)


Short Stan said...

The only place you will ever be bigger than me is round the hips

john said...

stan ...... thats a low blow .....lololol


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