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Friday, 28 March 2008

Cubbies coming home!

Off to pick Cubbie up on Tuesday, I'll be in Perth all day for a briefing, and it's just a short hop to Shorty's from there. But as soon as its back here surgery on The Noise will commence, and I ain't working out there in the steading - too cold! Instead I've been cleaning out the workshop / lounge that I used to used for woodworking in the old days. The trouble is, its one of those areas that is used for temporary storage' of anything and everything from plant pots to paperwork and magazines. Theres also a lot of sawdust kicking around and with open engine surgery that probably isn't a good idea. Now you can see why I needs me a proper workshop! Some joker has christened the new shed "The Cubbie Hole".

In other GBC related news, John and Izz from the Bikeshite website have been off racing in France. No idea why it had to be France, apparently its been raining quite a lot, and one would have thought they could have had rain at Knockhill! They're having a good time, John with his new R6 and gimp suit. His words, not mine.

Another suggestion for Cubbies Counties is Meigle in Perthshire. The name comes from Simon De Miggle who was a close friend of Kenneth McAlpin - king of Scotland from 845AD, and the village is claimed to be the oldest village in Scotland, with a mention in the doomsday book. The Church in the centre was rebuilt in 1869 after a fire but a church has been on the same site since 606 AD, and they have a Prime Minister buried in the churchyard. It is the burial place of Queen Guinevere too, and has an area called Arthurstone, and, as if thats not enough to entice me to go there, they have the largest collection of pictish stones in Western Europe dating back to the 8th century. Shorty says he remembers them when they were new. They've also got the remains of a Roman camp and the McBeth stone. Phew, can you beat that?

Soooo have you seen CBG this month? If not, why not? There's a cracking report on the Scottish show at Ingliston so I'm told....

1 comment:

john said...

eeerrrrrr queen guinivere ?????

Ill take yer word for it .....lololol

sounds like a pile of old rocks to me .......


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