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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

RIP Diggy.

Several years ago, when I stumbled across an unloved and rusty Tiger Cub in a barn, I had no idea that my purchase would connect me to a world of classic bike enthusiasts, dotted, quite literally, around the world. I joined what was then, the Classic Bike Forum (nowadays it's morphed into and as a newbie quickly made some buddies. Diggy was one of those guys, and once we got chatting on MSN, he became interested in my Cub project that I had in the front room....well, over many, many months, late evenings and early mornings - Dig was in New Zealand so the time travel bit was quite tricky, we built a bike. I say 'we', because if it hadn't been for Dig fetching bits of Cub engine from his shed, and then using the webcam to show me how to do various jobs, and emailing pics back and forth with arrows, diagrams and instructions, and giving me encouragement on simple things like which way certain nuts and bolts would undo, then I don't think I would have persevered, or it probably would have taken me three times as long! When you're starting from scratch, as I did, sometimes you just need someone at the other end of MSN, and that's where Diggy remained, right from start to finish. As BigBob said on the forum, RIP - Race in Paradise, Dig.


The Chief Bodger said...

Never met him other thn on the forum, but Dig was quite a character. RIP Dig.

Anonymous said...

Sad, you have my condolences.


kawa said...

Had a few words with him over the years, but never met him, but wish I had. RIP Dig


MFMF said...

also never met Dig but he was one of bikings characters of the old school & I'm quite sure he is looking down on us giving someone some stick somewhere.
RIP dig.

Anonymous said...

Really sad news. He was an interesting chap

Graham B

sfb said...

Very sad news.


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