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Sunday, 5 December 2010

A catch-up.

Well, Hobart day was cancelled due to the snow, and that snow is still here. We've had about 18" of the white stuff hanging around for a week and a half now. It didn't stop me from getting to my VMCC Committee meeting in Burton-upon-Trent, but it nearly caught me out coming back. Heading north on the M9 wasn't too bad, but trying to get on the A9 at Dunblane wasn't happening, as the road was coned off due to the snow. A detour through Dunblane village was, erm, interesting and a little 'white', with cars abandoned at the roadside, and some vehicles completely buried. Straight through the village (or is it a town?) and back to the A9, it was easy going for several miles on a single track of the dual carriageway, with no other traffic in sight. Up ahead though, was a queue of red lights, for as far as the eye could see, all the way up the hill and into the distance. Great. The trouble was, even though I was in a 4x4, with two lanes of jammed traffic ahead, and a barrier down the middle of the road, I was going nowhere. Not all was lost though, after about 45mins of waiting and wondering, one of the cars ahead managed to get un-stuck, leaving me free to get to the Dunning junction. Eagle eyed, a snow plough was spotted clearing that particular route a little while before, and a quick check of the map showed that it would take me all the way to Perth. A stop in Dunning led to a chance encounter with a local dog walker (at 7pm on a snow bound winters night? Yep) who suggested heading to Bridge of Earn and getting onto the M90, which would make it easier to bypass Perth and reach the A90. All the roads were covered in slushy, mushy and icy white stuff, but, as they say, were passable with care. North of Aberdeen and the roads were quite bad in places, and just around a bend out of Oldmeldrum what did my wondering eyes see, but a girl racer in her girl racer Clio, on the verge on the wrong side of the road. She'd been run off the road by an idiot taking the bend on the wrong side, but luckily she managed to park in the snow, avoiding being hit and / or ending up in the field. Good job I had a tow rope handy, but unfortunately for her, she had no tow point on her car. But then a couple of nice strong chaps stopped to give a push and we soon had her back on the road. Since then it's been 4x4 travel only, with what passes for the main road still being covered in a layer of ice and snow.

This week has been taken up with clearing snow from all of the shed rooves, feeding hay to the sheep, shovelling snow from one place to another, collecting hay and rescuing more damsels in distress. Actually, what's the male version of a damsel? Cos that's what they were. Boy, it's good to have a 4x4!

So there isn't much else happening I'm afraid. Oh, getting the hang of this Blackberry lark and finding that it isn't a bad wee tool. Had a bit of bother with setting up one of my email accounts because, like most other things in my life, I don't follow the ordinary everyday patterns that most people do, but that's all sorted now. The camera on it is pretty good - see attached pics, all taken on the BB, and after downloading a few Blackberry 'apps' I now have the football and sport updates at my finger tips, and can communicate not only by voice and text, but also by Blackberry Instant Messenger (should I know anyone else with a BB with whom I wish to communicate!) and Windows Live Messenger. My brother tells me there is still much more I can use it for, but I just haven't had time to explore all of the menus and apps yet.

Shorty reports Meigle was a little (no pun) chilly the other night...

...he just had to beat me...

The temp at Cubbie Towers, early evening on 2nd Dec, I'm sure if I'd gone out to the truck and check the temp later on, it would have beaten Moscow and Meigle, but d'you know what, it was too cold to go outside!
...and talking of winter....yep, it's nearly time for the one and only, world famous, not to be forgotten GBC BLOG WINTER PHOTO COMPETITION!!! I just need to come up with a suitable theme. In the meantime, don't forget to take a few photos as you're out and about, just in case they fall into the category for the comp.
This cow doesn't need much feeding - did you hear about the Turra Coo on the news? Well I guess you probably didn't unless you live in Aberdeenshire. I'll tell you about it in a bit, right now, it's time for GBC to get some beauty sleep, wrap up warm!


The Chief Bodger said...

Good to see you made it back and in one piece. Was beginning to think that you had gotten snowed in and turned into a Popsicle or Snowgirlie.

Having a 4x4 seems to have been a good idea, money well spent I'll bet.


Darrell said...

Ah..the lovely winter adventures of the far north.
Guess I may have to turn on the heat one of these nights. 50 is chilly.

Bantam Cub said...

It's no fair! We've only had half an inch of snow here :-(

Can you send some of yours down, please? We wanna play in the snow too. :-D

Anonymous said...

Bantam cub, your wish has been granted you madman. Be careful what you wish for, have a nice journey home dear.I didnt. Kathy

Sorry for using your blog as a communication medium GBC.Dont want to bother old fellow at work so he will see this later no doubt. Kathy

Anonymous said...

Is Dunblane a Village or Town? It is neither, it is a City, all be it a small one, due to the fact it has a Cathedral.
It looks as if you have a fair amount of snow there, 4x4 seems to be the answer

Anonymous said...

Wow, quite an adventure. Down here in sunny S Dorset, the snow turned up one night, hung around for a day then left, didn't even say goodbye.

I was gunna say that it's cold but as it's zero plus or minus a couple, maybe just 'fresh'.

Oh yeah, nice of that milk float to turn up and pull you out of the ditch!


Anonymous said...

-20.5 degC in Meigle. No wonder Dr Linford wouldn't do some machining for me.


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