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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Grubs up!

Well, here is the best part of my trip home from Leeds. This was the best, tastiest, most delicious and well cooked fish and chips I've ever eaten. Hope you're not too jealous.


U N said...

What? No chocolate?


Bodger said...

Jealous?? Me?? Now if it were a Steak and Kidney or Mushroom Pie and chips, then I would be. But never jealous of fish.

And as long as ya have some kind of drink and your laptop, you can spend hours in Starbucks if ya want. (Read your dilemna elsewhere :P)

Anonymous said...

Good luck for the rest of your return journey.
Just when you think spring is almost here Winter comes back with a sting in it's tail!
Happy Easter to all on the Blog.

Stuart :-)

Anonymous said...

Well miss what you got planned for weekend then? You have gone all quiet so you must be busy working or biking or building bikes or lugging hay or all them things.

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Been busy today Anon, but hopefully Sun and Mon will be a bit less exciting...what do YOU have planned? Any Easter ride outs I need to know about??


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