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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

And the winner is....

Ladies and gents, I shall now pass you over to the Head Judge of the 2nd GBC Blog Winter Photo Competition, Professional Photographer, Phil Mather.
Ah yes, the photo competition. Can I say a few words?

There is a saying that can be applied to a lot of things we do, particularly in the art world - "If you like it, tell me; if you don't, lie."

But that can't apply to a competition because, no matter what, there are always going to be winners and losers. So I don't feel so bad about not giving everybody a prize.

Second thing with competitions - you've gotta try hard to achieve that winning edge. Some people simply can't take a good photo, I accept that, but I would never stop them taking photographs (**Note from GBC - neither would I, that's why I think it's nice to have a competition open to all, in these days of the digital camera it makes things like this, so much easier to enter**). Some people think an interesting subject makes a good photo, but they end up with a mediocre photo of something interesting. Some people observe all the 'rules' of photography, but never quite hit the spot. (**Another note from GBC - it's the taking part that counts ;-) )

And so it goes on.

From 64 entries I chose a shortlist of 6 - as they appear on the website they are:

No.2 Airport sunset - fantastic colour, with the plane in silhouette in just the right position.

No.7 Road over MZ petrol tank and No.21 MZ on side of road - using the bike as part of the composition, thinking about the shapes in the composition.

No.22 Twisty road through hills - a classic, it has movement, beauty and danger all in one.

No.25 Frozen canal - it's unusual and the composition is good. Crop a little off the left-hand side and a bit off the sky, it's the frozen foreground that makes it.

No.26 Setting sun at sea - don't you just want to be at home beside a roaring fire?
I must also mention the Guinness lorry (No.29) which was a great idea but somehow the shot doesn't work - needs more thought.
And none of the above were my personal favourite because an old bike frame left in the hedge (No.39) is travelling nowhere (unless I find out where it is!).

So who won?

First place, winning the fantabulous and limited edition GBC / CUBBIE TEE SHIRT - No.22 - The Twisty Road! (burst of applause). People jump to their feet and hug and kiss.

And second place, winning a YEARS SUBSCRIPTION to OLD BIKE MART - No.2 - Airport Sunset (cue Simon and Garfunkel singing 'Homeward Bound').

And third place, winning a HAYNES MANWELL for any bike or car, goes to - No.39 - the bike frame in the hedge on the basis that traditionally, in the UK at least, winter is the time the bike gets rebuilt ready for the next year. So in reality, for motorcyclists at least, travel and transport is a bike in bits.

Everybody have a party tonight and if you want to share any thoughts you can contact me through my website

It was really good that so many people had a go and maybe next time GBC will run a photo competition for turtles or landscapes or old yank cars.

Love y'all - take care now - good night and God bless.

Our man Phil might have had some firm words to say, but he also said that there were some good shots in the mix, which made his decision rather difficult, and because he's a generous kinda chap, he put up the prize for 3rd place / Judge's Fav Piccy. I shall be in touch with the winners to arrange the prizes, but if you see a picture you took with a rosette on it, you might want to give me a shout just to prove you're a regular blog reader!
So thanks to all who took part, all the pictures were great and I loved receiving them, wish I could give you all a tee shirt! Some people might not have seen the travel / transport link with the turtle, but I do believe that sea elves ride turtles to get around and do their shopping.
PS, Mrs BC is considering what she calls a 'mumsie runners up prize', no idea what that's all about. Watch this space.


U N said...

GBC said: 'free up space somewhere else', is this shorthand for 'I've got another project bike coming'? I think we should be told!


Anonymous said...

Well hurry up and tell us who the winners are !!!

Anon 8

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

No no no, nothing like that UN! Just need to make room for a builder mannie to come and look at the fireplace that isn't a fireplace yet. Needless to say, didn't get round to that today as the weather was 'orrible, and we had a sheep crisis and there were other things to do an' all. Anon 8.....hud on a wee minty we go.....................

Anonymous said...

Well done the winners of this year's competition. I like the airport sunset, where was it taken?

Looking forward to more on the Ingliston show. Will anyone be venturing to the International Classic Show at Stafford in April? It must be the highlight of the classic year.


Anonymous said...

That's interesting, the three winners are favorites of mine.But I enjoyed all of the pics as a group...felt like I got to travel to see other places.And that turtle, I want to be swimming with that turtle. Congrats to the winners and GBC-what was that about drain rods or something like that? Is that anything like old style sewer-rods here in the states? Hairy Larry

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Probably Larry, got an issue with the drains and I think (I hope?) they need a good clean with these rods, plunge it all through. Ok, that's enough info on that subject.

George J. said...

Thanks Anon!
Airport sunset is a Flybe Saab 340 taking off on runway 09 - 27 at Sumburgh Airport, Shetland Isles, (LSI). (Taken from my front garden).

Anonymous said...

Oi anon 8, I am anon 8 so you cant be!!!

sfb said...

Well done to the winners!

I'll be going to the Stafford Show (Mr SFB's B2 will be on the BSAOC stand) Should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Ok GBC what are the names of people
who won then.
Anon 2350.

kawa said...

Ok I'll claim 3rd spot, bit embarrassed as that's my D1 Bantam that should really be in the shed but kind of forgot about it, I'll get round to putting the engine in it one day......

Some really good pics, well done everyone.


Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Well peeps, a wee shy guy called Ian won first place with the road to nowhere, Geordie from Shetland with the plane was second and Kawa, or should I say Beeza, was third with the unloved Bantam in the hedge.

I can't thank you ALL (winners and non-winners) enough for taking part.

Darrell said...

Very good choices, I'm sure it was tough as there were many very nice pictures.


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