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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Checking in from Ingliston.

Full report to follow, plus an article for Old Bike Mart, but just thought you might like to see a few photos taken with the webcam on my netbook - not the best quality, just a bit of a preview.

You can see our new GCMCC banners in the first three shots, made for us by Printagraph in Aberdeen (part of the Jasmine Holdings Comp), to whom we are incredibly indebted. We only had about a week and a half to get these designed and printed, so BIG thanks to MD Danny for pulling out all the stops, the design team for doing the fancy bits, and to Neil in the GCMCC for coming up with the idea. The big banner along the back wall is about 6m long and it must be about 4ft ish tall, and then we've got two vertical ones, one for each end, and they're both pretty massive too. More pics when I get home.

Some people are amazed by the advances of modern technology, and Shorty ain't gonna thank me for publishing the one of him getting up close and personal with the webcam! Dot has more sense and tried to duck out of it. The second shot here features Iain and John who both had a good look at the cam but managed to get further away than Shorty did! And then the third picture is from SFB who promised me something that would fit in the back of the new truck - thanks SFB!

Well I'm off to have some grub, only managed one burger today and that wasn't until 3pm. I'll waste away if I'm not careful.

Toodle ooh.
PS, hello to anyone who took a note of this blog address at the show today, make sure you read about the Training Day using the links on the left of this page, and have a good look at the list of bikes you will be able to ride. Remember to get those entry forms send off to the VMCC as soon as possible. I don't think the address is on the form, so here it is -

The Vintage Motor Cycle Club Limited
Allen House
Wetmore Road
Burton Upon Trent
Staffordshire DE14 1TR, UK


Mrs. B.C. said...

HELLO TO EVERYONE THERE. IT ALL LOOKS FANTASTIC FROM HERE. MAYBE ALL THE HARD WORK PAID OFF AFTER ALL. Very quiet here, lovely weather and a very close match between Scotland and Ireland, which I didn't have time to watch, properly. I did see the bit 20 all with about 2 mins to go though. Would love to have watched the whole thing but the weather and the outdoors were too good to miss. Also,Ireland didn't get the triple crown - pity (if you're Irish that is). Am going to attempt to take the truck (why does everyone call it a truck? into town tomorrow to get some diesel and into Inverurie to collect a watch, and also I hear that White lodge still have early seed potatoes. So, just watch yourselves if you venture out in my part of the world the morn!!!
Anyway, keep up the good work, hope lots of folk are joining and signing up for events. See ya.

Mrs. B.C. said...

Sorry, can't get the hang of this editing thing, so you'll have to assume I have a stammer.

Anonymous said...

Well done Sfb on locating a suitable machine for the new truck.
No doubt GBC will be a little disapointed that it's a CHOBSA and not a CHOPUMPH or should that be a TRIPER?

Have a great time at the show.


Anonymous said...

Ain't technology grand, sitting here having lunch in California...looking at your pics on a telephone..I'm amazed...your stand looks great! Have fun! Hairy Larry

Mrs.B.C. said...

Do you know, I rather fancy lunch in California - if only B.A. were't on strike!

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Go on, take the TRUCK!

Anonymous said...

The Grampian Classic Motorcycle club website I get doesn't seem to have been updated in a year or 2.. Is there another site or is it just not used much?

The Chief Bodger said...

The couple of piccies from the show looked pretty clear 'cept for Shorty which was a tad blurry, probaly he moved. To see and hear that everything went along smoothly at the show and the Raleigh Chopper thing will come in handy as well I'll bet


Darrell said...

Great pics, looks like a good show.
Mrs. B.C., so you'd like lunch in California? What about Florida?
We're right on the way, you know. Of course you have to bring the Gorgeous One. I could probably round up a bike for her to use.

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Er, yes, there should be more info on that site but you know what it's like trying to keep a site up to date. And no, I'm not the webmaster for that one, just this one!

John said...

The way this site is advancing with technology Im thinking next new addition should be "Live" video streaming from events.

You can wear a body cam and give a continuous commentry :)

I'll get started then ....... hahahahaha

excellent as usual BC

U N said...

If you were thinking about a Raleigh Chopper, how about this one for you and Mrs BC:
Just imaging cruising up and down the High Street on that.


kawa said...

Club stand was looking good, with fantastic banners which really caught the eye. There was also a nice selection of bikes ( liked the wee MV )on display.... also a few rusty bits of unknown origin, not sure what there off...could have came from the local Canal??

I spent the time at the show between the Z1oc stand and wondering around the classic section, even had time for a look at the modern stuff. Ducati, Triumph and even MV had some interesting stuff, also spotted some short a*** was trying out one of the Victory bikes for size.... bet that pic dosen't get posted ;-)

Anyways good to see people putting the effort in to doing theses Classic shows, with out them theres nae show


Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

How much you betting?

kawa said...

....well seeing as I can't post pics on here myself, nowit

kawa said...

..but I've got a feeling theres going to be a pic I don't want to see getting posted

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Tee hee hee hee, would I?

kawa said...


pitty there aint a pic of the radar hat Ms GBC, or is there?

Mrs. B.C. said...

You're a real gent, Darrell, and John - give you a head start - I'd take it if I were you!!!

RUTS said...

Hi Thanks for visiting our stand at the show and showing interest in our project.


Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Hi all, thanks for your comments about the club stand, I really appreciate them. Hi RUTS, I've had a look at your website and will be in touch soon to talk about our common aims. Hope you had a successful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, those banners look fantastic. Job well done :o)

That Raleigh chopper has an engine ... intruiged ...

Graham B


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