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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Morning All.

Well, just off to dig through the latest lot of snow, then I shall tell you all about my trip to Glamis last week and one or two other bits of news.

Evenin' All.
Don't bother with the search party, I'm back.  Had a few inches of snow yesterday when we took the car and the van down the bottom of the hill last night, it had already started to drift.  We only just managed to get the car back up and had to bash our way through the drifts, wow that's fun!  Managed to get to the local town today and stock up on animal feed and a few bits and bobs for our cupboards.  The forecast for the next 6-15 days predicts more snow and high winds, so we wanted to be prepared.  So I was going to blog a little bit, but just had to swap the two video recorders over and now I've got to wind the umpteen dozen yards of video tape back into the cassette and cut and splice the chewed up bit.  DVDs?  What are they all about then?


Anonymous said...

perhaps she's lost! send out a search party.

Anonymous said...

Naw, she`s contacting everyone to get someone to fry the herring for the Plus 1 as I will be at sea!
Come on people she needs a volunteer and it only takes an hour and if like last year you will get a free dram.

Anonymous said...

No, don't think I'm upset you're out getting bobs for your cupboard and didn't even think of me...hmmph



Mrs. B.C. said...

Thanks Slick! It's gone up to two free drams now.

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

That's not to say we didn't think of you Bob. In fact, I remember saying to Mrs BC that they didn't have any Bobs in the shop at all.

WeeWillie, your comment seems to have vanished! Better leave us another one... ;-)

Mrs.B.C. said...

Tomorrow is the first day of spring folks! If you're Irish it is today, St Brigid's Day, then that's the Irish for you. (And I am one)
This will probably mean more to those of you who haven't got another 6 inches of snow covering the spring bulbs and just about everything else. Also it will have a lot more significance if you are a Celt when you will be celebrating the ancient festival of Imbolc. Or you might be a Van Morrison fan - he sang a song called Celtic Spring.
This is THE place to be to find out all sorts of useful information.

Anonymous said...



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