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Monday, 25 January 2010

Graham B's Top Tips, Part II.

You may remember this NEW and EXCLUSIVE feature that was on the blog in December, well here is Part II from Graham Blighe, author of Improving Classic Motorcycles and Magnetic Speedometer Repair.

I think some of you may recognise this handy little gadget that GB is going to tell you about...

The Vee Wipe is a visor wiper made by Bob Heath that slips onto the index finger
of your left glove.

The Vee Wipe

It comes in three colour coded sizes. Grey = small, Black = medium and Red = large. I have only tried the black, medium size one and it is a secure fit on both my summer and (more thickly padded) winter gloves.

It is flexible so it doesn’t restrict your movement. I normally carry mine in my tankbag and only put it on when it looks like rain so as not to risk damaging the wiper blade by everyday use in dry weather. It’s lasted ten years so far and still works fine.

I find it’s easiest to be wearing the left glove but not the right and put it on with my right hand. But I’m right-handed so it may be better to fit it before putting on the glove if you are left-handed.

The Vee Wipe fitted to my summer gloves

It costs around £5. A lot of money for not very much you might think but believe me, the first time you use it you will consider it money well spent.

Why is it so good?
Wiping the visor with just a gloved finger always leaves some rain behind to obscure your vision. The Vee Wipe is as effective as a car windscreen wiper. You have to see
it to believe it!

Additionally, a gloved finger gets wet by soaking up water from the visor. With the Vee Wipe fitted your finger makes little if no contact with the visor and stays dry.

I’ve bought two of these as presents for friends because I think they are so good. As well as taking some stress out of riding in the rain, they are a useful safety aid.

Go on … treat yourself to one. You won’t regret it.

I should point out that Graham has no vested interests in the Vee Wipe or the Bob Heath Visor Company, and if you want to find out how to obtain a copy of his books, pop over to and see how to get your bikes ready for the road.


john said...

I remember those ...... :)
haven't seen one or even an ad for one for years.
Excellent tool .... just need to figure out where I can get one....

good article

Anonymous said...

Thanks John :o)

Try googling "Vee Wipe". Not sure where in the world you are? But they should be easy to source if you're in the UK

Graham B

sfb said...

Now that looks useful, must find one. Here's one link but there are loads of other people selling them.

NIce one Graham & GBC

Bodger said...

That is a great idea, especially as my gloves used to get a little oily and oil streaks would get on the visor from wiping in the rain.

Mrs. B.C. said...

All I can say is why didn't someone think of this before, or if they did, how come more people don't know about it?

kawa said...

Another good topic Graham, thanks


Bantam Cub said...

several suppliers on ebay - all about a fiver

Anonymous said...

First thing that comes to my mind as always is , `How do I make one myself`, but then I remember the hours I have spent making things when I could have been doing something more productive, I think I will just spend my fiver, then again I have a couple of old wiper blades that I took off the car cause they were done ????????.
Slick the Grip.


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