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Monday, 1 February 2010

A few updates - Jumble & Training Day News

First of all, I should apologise.  I was due to be at a Committee Meeting at Allen House last Friday, but had gone and got something that I can neither describe as a cold or the flu.  Just (yeah, 'just') a throbbing head, ear ache, very sore throat and a general feeling of illness.  As you can imagine, I didn't much fancy getting up at 4am and sitting on a train for 8hrs.  Plus, when I did wake up early, to see if I was up to the journey, I looked outside and all I could see was snow.  Everywhere.  And at that time of the day, the roads would have been a bit dicey.  So I'm sorry about that, thanks to everyone who had previously been in touch with comments and suggestions for me to take to the meeting - never fear, the discussion about how to attract younger people into the world of old bikes and to join the VMCC will be scheduled for the next meeting.

My last Area Rep related trip was down to Glamis the week before that though, where I presented a slide show about my work as Rep, hopefully enlightening the members as to what goes on behind the scenes.  Most of them stayed awake until the end, when the evening was rounded off with a short video related to the slideshow, but with some groovy music that got the old toes a-tapping, and photographs from my travels last summer.  Thanks all for your very encouraging feedback, and welcome to all those new bloggers who, I hope, will now be checking in on a regular basis.

Talking of that, it's a funny old thing this blogging, although I suppose it's no different from writing in a magazine really.  Whichever medium one uses, one can never be sure who, if anybody, actually reads it.  That's what I like about this place, some kind people, from time to time, leave messages for me.  It's great to know that at least those half a dozen people read it and take the time to digest the posts and think of something witty or relevant to say.  Call me greedy, but I want more readers like that!

Cue some instructions on how to leave a comment....

Right, you're here, on GBC's world famous Blog.  You like / don't like what you read, so you think, I know, I'll leave a comment and put the lass right on a few things.  Fairy nuff. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the post you would like to comment on.
  • Click on the bit that says "0 comments" (although that "0" might be any other number).
  • A page will open up, entitled "Post a Comment On: Gorgeous Biker Chick".
  • On the left will be any previous comments, and on the right, a box entitled "Leave Your Comment".
  • Write your comment.  Criticism can be taken (just) but please keep it clean or it will be deleted.
  • Then you need to choose your identity.
  • If you have a Google Account, then you can sign into that, and your comment will be signed with your Google ID.
  • If you don't, just click on the little circle to the left of the word Anonymous but remember to sign your name in the actual comment box, or I won't be able to tell one Anon from the others.
  • Then click on PUBLISH COMMENT in the orange box.
  • I don't think there are any word or letter verification hoops to jump through, but if a screen appears asking you to type in the words / letters / numbers that are in a box, just type it in exactly as it is.
  • Your comment will then be directed to my 'dashboard' and I will delete any spam or abuse and publish all the rest.
Simples, as they say ;-)
So to encourage more of the commenting kind of behaviour, Mrs BC has suggested another NEW feature - don't worry, Graham B will still be doing his Top Tips through the rest of the winter, but come the summer, I'd like more of you to participate.  I agree with Mrs BC that we really do need to hear from more of you.  Let's be having a story or two please - it can be about anything to do with bikes.  Your first bike, your worst bike, your best bike, your mates bike, your fav biking adventure, best road, worst biking holiday, best or worst show or rally you've been to.  I don't know, just write a wee story for the blog, it doesn't need to be a literary masterpiece - imagine you're down the pub wowing everyone with your story telling ability.  At the end of the year, we'll run a vote and the readers can decide who deserves the, as yet, non existant award, for the most entertaining story.  Send 'em in as and when, no deadlines as such.  Great, looking forward to reading them already.

***NEWS FLASH***  Just to let you know, we've got about a dozen brilliant pre1930 bikes for you to try at the FIRST EVER VMCC SCOTTISH TRAINING DAY on Sunday May 23rd, so if you want a go, give Allen House a ring and book your place.  NOW.  They'll all be at Alford museum for you; Triumph, Sunbeam, Panther, Rudge, AJS, Ariel, BSA, Scott, maybe even a Powerplus too...  Places are limited so get cracking.

Oh, talking of stories, just found another interesting blog to add to my list - give SFB a visit over at and find out about her Tribsa and BSA projects.

And another ***NEWS FLASH***
Scottish Autojumble goers take note! This year after 15 glorious years of the Great Spring Autojumble and Spares Auction being held at Perth, the Venue moves to FORFAR on Sunday the 18th of April 2010. Due to the closure of Perth Agricultural Centre the Central Scottish Section of the VMCC have been fortunate enough to find a new venue at the Auction Mart in Market St., Forfar. Lawrie & Symington have had the vision to build this whacking great exhibition hall , loads of parking, catering on site, outside and inside stalls, entry and stall charges as before. More info call 07925535403 or


kawa said...

Sounds like a good idea Mrs BC, peoples stories, if I can string some words together anyone can. Would be great to hear what others are doing.
Thats good you managed to get enough bikes sorted for the training day, should be a good day.


Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Have you booked your place yet Kawa?

sfb said...

Thanks for the mention, GBC!

Anonymous said...

Get well quick GBC! Looked at the kittens and bikes, and Chief Bodgers blog..he's practically a neighbor...only several states away fom California. Wish I could try all the old bikes..what fun that would be. "Hairy Larry"

The Chief Bodger said...

Stories from other peeps....hmmm....sounds like a winner there Mrs BC.

Did I ever tell you about...oh wait, better save that for later on:)

kawa said...

"Have you booked your place yet Kawa?"

GBC not sure if I can handle one of these auld bikes, need to think about it
Interesting site you have there sfb, bit pink for men but, lol


Mrs.B.C. said...

That's the whole idea of the Training Day, Kawa. It's not a macho thing, to see how clever you are, it's a curiosity thing, to see what "those old bikes are like to ride" Believe me, everyone else will be too busy concentating on what they're doing to worry about watching you. Besides you will be carefully looked after and instructed. You don't think you're gonna be sent off into the wild blue younder on a nearly 100 year old bike, do you? Men, honestly!!!!! Go on - give a go!

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Just email them or phone and get booked in min!! How many other chances are you gonna get to ride as many bikes like these all on one day, in Scotland???!!!

sfb said...

Nothing wrong with pink, Kawa, might paint the Ariel 3 pink.

As for the training day, do it. I was worried about looking a prat and I probably did but no-one seemed to notice!

kawa said...

Might think about it, but the other problem is if I like riding the auld bikes and I know what'll happen...

sfb, go for it with the pink, got to be better than the original colours then came in



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