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Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, I would just like to thank everyone who supported me in the Area Rep (Scotland) vote.

***GBC is your new Area Representative.***

Hehehe!!! Wooooooooo!!!! Well looks like I'm in for a busy year!!!


Mrs. B.C. said...

Well,I suppose I'll never get you to do the cooking now!

Well done you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Classic Bikes, er, drinks all around!

Uh, being an out-of-towner what is your 'area', exactly...?

BigBobW :-)

Darrell said...

Congratulations!!! They have no idea what they are in for.
Will you b able to do any writing, or is there now too much work?

Anonymous said...

Well done GBC,we know you'll do a great job.


Shorty said...

Congratulations, very well done. But as I am only A Section Chairman and you are Area Rep does that make you my boss or do you have to do as I tell you. The mind boggles, Could be interesting times ahead

john said...

first this...... next the world

GBC for president !!!! oh yes.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I've figured out that your 'area' is all of

So are you now the 'Gorgeous VMCC Area Rep (Scotland)'? ;-)


Mrs. B.C. said...

Talking of drinks all round, I've just realised that after the announcement at the club meeting last night, no-one even offered to buy my daughter a drink to celebrate. Well, that's good then.

And Shorty, times are always interesting when you're around - 'specially when you're in briefcase mode!!!!

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Thank you folkies.

Shorty, I hope the list is nice and SHORT.

Hey BigBob, you're right, I'm now the point of contact for anything VMCC in the whole of Scotland...ain't that just....a bit scary!

Darrell, don't you worry, the writing won't stop, the Rep job entails pretty much what I've already been doing for the last 6 years - getting out there and spreading the word! I've got to go down to Birmingham for their regular meetings too, so I can have a look at the National Motorcycle Museum at the same time.

Er, John, is this President of the World of just the VMCC? LOL.

Hey Kwak, have you joined yet??? Hmmm??? Have you????

Anonymous said...

Hey Kwak, have you joined yet??? Hmmm??? Have you????

Just waiting to see if you got the job before I join, lol


Anonymous said...

Good one girlie, all you need now, is a nice young man and some small bbcs to join you in your travels and youll have it all.


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