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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Bye bye Cubbie.

Sniff. Sob. Took Cubbie to Jim's place yesterday. Sniff. Still, its in good hands and good company. There is a rather nice 1935 (?) 500cc Rudge in one corner, which Jimbo fired up, glorious, what a sound. Over the other side of the garage are two big Triumphs. A Thunderbird I think (although I might be completely wrong) and er, A N Other one. On the end wall, above the bench are all the tools the man will need to fix Cubbie. For example, there is a hammer, a bigger hammer and...a....ok ok I'm only kidding, that is what I have in my toolkit but I think Jim is a little more sophisticated. He seems quite confident that he will soon get to the bottom of all this, so I wish him luck, and pray that he doesn't go down with the bug that most of his family seem to have caught.

Oh, the man made me a spare key too, mucho thankos, and he didn't half chuckle when I told him how I'd lost mine on the morning of the BBC filming that we did at the end of the summer! Check out the key fob he put on it too....

Had lunch with the Bin Yin before unloading Cubbie. What a star, even let me have sticky toffee pudding and ice cream. Guess thats my xmas pressie then.... Was supposed to go to B&Q to purchase a new hot water tank for Victor My Plumber chum to fit when he returns from off't so much didn't get aound to it...still...he's not due home for a week or so yet.

PS Happy St Andrews day.


Darrell said...

No, that's not me in the wave. Nice picture though.
I have been riding around trying to find an appropriate "winter" picture, but other than leaf colors, it looks much like summer here.

bantam cub said...

Missed the previous post and just saw the title of this one alongside a picture of the sea! Thought you'd lost it for a minute lol :-)

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

BC! You should be ashamed thinking that I would do that! a call from Jimbo today....can't tell you what he said yet, top secret stuff ya know.

Hehe, didn't really that was you D as I took that pic in Aberdeen on Saturday!

Darrell said...

Surfing in Aberdeen? Scots are weird.
But, if you want I'll sned some pictures from the underwater world (warm, and clear). I did send a few already.


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