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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Maybe today....

....I'll get a chance to look at Cubbies wiring. Before I forget, just want to say a huge thanking-yoo to everyone who has offered help and advice so far. Had a few emails explaining how to test certain bits, and the guys on have been most patient with me. D'you know, its three weeks since Spain, and when I was coming home from there, I was thinkin' all I had to do was fit the 'new' stator and tick off 4 counties every weekend for the next month. Humbug. Hey Darrell, I'm kinda peckish too, could you nip out and get me a pizza or summat?

Off to see what I can see.
FORGET IT. IT IS ABSOLUTELY BALTIC OUT THERE. I'm sure theres some paperwork I can be doing INDOORS instead!!! I asked Mrs BC if I could bring Cubbie indoors to work on....I'll leave you to guess her response, but I'll give you a clue, it only had 2 letters in it.


Anonymous said...

two letters...OK ?

C'mon Mrs BC, it's not a big bike and it won't eat


Darrell said...

GBC, I'll be right over with the pizza. Give me a week to get there, ok?

john said...

maybe it's time to put cubbie in a pickle jar with some embalming fluid and put it on the mantelpiece .... then thumb through the pages of Bike Mart and get yerself a wee goldie .... oh yes lolol

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

John, you're not doing your health any good talking like that. donkey sausage on the pizza please...

Haha BigBob, nice try, but the letters N and O were in there somewhere!

Darrell said...

Donkey sausage? I'm offended. No pizza worthy of the name has anything except pepperoni and anchovies on it.
Or is donkey sausage a Scottish specialty?

Lindsay said...

Donkey sausage! the mind boggles, just what have you been eating girl.

Have to agree you Darrell about pizza.


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