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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

20,000 and there she goes.

Well chaps and chapesses. Thanks for reading. GBC's little ol' blog has now clocked up over 20,000 hits in just under a year and a half (did anyone notice if they were the 20,000th person?). I can't believe I've known some of you for that long. I think you (yes YOU cos without YOU I wouldn't be sitting here writing this stuff) should all go and celebrate. I'm not paying though, oh no, 'cos you'd rather I put what I would have spent on you, into Cubbies Counties funds, wouldn't you? YES! Talking of which, I think you've probably all realised or perhaps considered the thought that I shall be extending the 'year' to sometime around next April / May so that it is a full 12 months, rather than the year 2008. Would have been super brill if I had managed to do all the counties in just 8 months, but I didn't and there's no point sobbing over it. Had a call from Doctor Jim and he has checked the very guts of the ignition switch - all fine in there, and the wiring to and from it - all fine there. He's moving on to check the stator wiring I think and cast his eye over the rest of the leccy bits and pieces so I'll let you know what he finds. This break from riding has given me the chance to catch up with a few things on my weekends...mainly working...and I'm putting together a Cubbies Counties Part I DVD to send out to my corporate sponsors (and anyone who wants one) so that they can see a record of my travels so far.

Now then Darrell...did you say you've sent me some pics already? I haven't got them...where have then gone? Who knows. I expect the Blog Monster has eaten them. Did you use the cubbiescounties AT address?

Snowed in today, had to cancel the Grampian classic club Xmas Bash tonight. :-(
Trouble is, while we're stuck on top of a hill, some 800ft up, the rest of the guys are saying that the main roads aren't too bad... Heading out to the meal at 6.30pm is one thing, but coming home at 10/11pm is another. Black ice, freezing fog and more snow showers were forecast (Mrs BC has just come in and informed me that it is chucking it down with the white stuff again) and we don't want our guys going out there risking their lives just for a bit of roast turkey. Good news is, it looks like we can reschedule for next permitting. Also had planned to take some big sheepies to the place where they, er, how can I put this...ok, I'll just say it, the abattoir. Sorry, has to be done. They've got a reprieve for a week though so they can carry on pigging all the winter grass that is supposed to be for the rest of the flock! Oh, and another up-side to being snowed in...I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to go to Perth on the train!

You're probably sick and fed up of hearing about my car troubles. So I won't go on about it. But it occurred to me the other day when I was taking a second hand car for a spin (sorry, test drive) that you lot might find it mildly amusing. Was coming home from an early work appointment, had Ringo in the van and Mrs BC 'cos we'd also just been to the vet on my way to work (if that makes sense) and stopped in a small village called Maud, where there were some cars for sale on the road side. Saw a nice looking Vauxhall Vectra Estate but the guy who was there - didn't work there but had a business on the same premises warned me off saying it was very high mileage. How about that P reg RAV4 instead? Hmmm, he was pushing that one a bit too much, good chassis, high ground clearance, nice and safe, 1.9L petrol, good condition, yeah yeah yeah, called the owner who lived nearby and turned up within minutes. Mrs BC and the dog were sitting in the van in the car park around the other side of a building, and this guy got the keys and said "wanna take it for a test drive?" Well not really, seeing as you're asking £1200 for it and I think that's too high, but go on then. Oh, don't have my glasses with me...didn't tell him that though, would have meant walking back to the van and getting them - long walk. Hopped in, took it for a drive, slowly, cos I couldn't really see much. "There are 5 gears you know..." he said. Are there? Golly gosh, fancy that. Was alright in a straight line but couldn't see the junctions too well! MAde it kinda difficult to judge the width of the road too, when other cars came at me on the narrow country lanes. It's a 4x4 so a little bit of mud won't hurt. Did get out of 4th eventually, but had to test the brakes rather sharply at the next turning. Hehe, still, made it round but couldn't stop grinning at the thought of blogging this wee story.


Darrell said...

Snow, snow everywhere. Nice Santa scene.
Shame about not making the meeting tonight, but safety must come first.
Oh, and definitely congratulations on your bloggevity.

Anonymous said...

okay, another livestock question...what does the green dye on the sheep in the photo mean? They're yours, they play paintball or they're being...ulp...sent out?


meeps said...

Ok, so next time your thinking about test driving anything with kill-a-bility, maybe let us all know, so we can stay the heck away! As for the snow making you miss work, PAH, i'd have ye sacked ;)
Keep up the top class work BC

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

BigBob, the green dye is how we mark them when they're lambies, so that we know which small white lamb belongs to which big white ewe! Wait til you see Griffy with his yellow dye....


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