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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Cubbie broke down 'cos of 2 sheep.

Feel a bit bad about the last few posts. Nothing but whinging about broken this, broken thats and broken others. So we'll have a proper post this time. Although, thats not to say that all the broken things are mended, but the van does have brakes again, and a complete exhaust system (car doesn't yet though...). So yesterday, out to the steading, wakey wakey Cubbie, tools out and multimeter ready to go. Head full of ideas about trying this and that, looking here and there for the problem. First job was to put a new connector on the two wires I accidentally pulled from the coil last time I was a-fiddling with it. Old set up was the two wires on one thing, but I couldn't squeeze them both into the new thing, then I realised that the thing (an O connector) was too small for the bit on the coil. No problem, in an inventive "can't stop me now" mood, so back indoors to the workshop. Pillar drill in the corner, found a drill bit the right size, grasped the O connector in a pair of grips and off we went. Easy. Managed to mangle the first one whilst aiming for perfection, so the second one ain't perfect, but it is in one piece. So thats all sorted. Next up, sort that birds nest of wires out, look at the pic, you'd never even know GBC had been near it in the first place. Part 3 of the mornings work, go over the connections on the 3 wires from the alternator thingy. Not very happy with one of them, seemed a bit slack, maybe slack enough to have caused the last breakdown. Can't solve one problem if I keep creating other problems, so out with the knife, chopped some wires about and fitted new spade connectors. Oh, must have been at this point I had to get the washing in. Then back out. Then more rain but tough, its staying out this time. Nearly ready to take a test run. Ooooh, exciting eh. Wanted to check the dip switch on the instructions of Jim, but couldn't get the screw undone so applied WD40. Couldn't be bothered to fit the battery box again, such a fiddle, so sort of cable tied it to the frame in a plastic bag.... Came in to get togged up, message from BC about another fix I could try, which would determine if it is an alternator problem or the ignition / light switch. Too late to try it though, off to work in an hour. DO that one next time! Pleased to say Cubbie fired up, off we went, running with lights off for the time being. Pop pop, bang, ooooooh ain't it just great. Every Cubbie mile equals 10 smiles. Anyway, set off on my test route, probably about 5 miles in total. Running fine without lights, ammeter just flickering about the +/- border, then flicked the lights on, uh oh, ping, right over to minus 12 (well its obviously not an original meter). Left them on for a bit, then the misfire, then the loss of power, all in the space of a couple of mins. Lights off pronto, ran fine. Got to within a mile from home, two sheep jumped out from a hedge, slowed down, rolled off the throttle....died. Great. Snicked it in to second, paddled a bit, let the clutch out, cough cough, died again. Awwwwwwwww. Blimmin' sheeps. There they go, trotting off down the lane, quite happy and unconcerned. Theres me, stuck in a muddy lay by, with 15 mins left to get home and changed and ready for work. Still, thank the God of Cubs for emergency ignition. It got us home but thats not exactly how I envisaged the test run was going to end, when it was all going soooo well. So today, hopefully, I'll try looking in the dip switch for a short (a short what?) and I'll try that idea from BC. Gawd, I just love messing about with green wires.

Other news, still receiving enquiries about sponsorship of Cubbies Counties, thats absolutely great, might make it to the big £2000 yet!

Went to a committee meeting last night after work, hence being home too late to update blog. Somehow have got myself involved with helping to organise the classic bike part of the Alford Convention next year. 2 bags of mini cheddars for tea. Yum. All very interesting stuff, but the rest of the meeting was about the off road events the club hold - didn't have a clue what they were talking about - should maybe brush up on the subtle differences between moto something, superX, hares and dogs, enduro, red routes, blues and greens. Made me want to get the Bultaco running again and do some messing about off road. One day, I might even do another trial. Last one (and the first one) I did was in 2006, the Spring Surprise in Caerphilly, one of those long distance jobbies. Heck, that sure was a surprise, still suffering I think.

Any other news? Oh yes, got something to tell you, but my fingers are cold and its gone 10am and I really need to be outside doing stuff while the rain holds off. Got to put the wheels on the livestock trailer and wave my multimeter at Cubbie again. Breakfast first though, me thinks.

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Thanks to all who keep helping me with Cubbie, can't be easy putting up with my silly questions!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I knew it would take more than one sheep to take down ol' Cubbie....



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