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Sunday, 20 July 2008

The weekend results.

On the weekend, someone very kindly donated a stack of tools to the Cubbies Counties cause, but I made an executive decision to leave Cubbie alone and not attempt to fix the rigid rear problem (yet). I was going to, but then thought if I take it all apart, have broken bits in my hand, and new bits on order and they don't arrive until Thursday which could easily be the case, then I'll be panicking like a mad thing. Oh, hang on, you don't know what's happening next weekend, do you? Hmm, not sure if I should say yet. Ok ok, stop twisting my arm. Our club was contacted a while ago by a lovely lady looking for some classic bikes and bikers to take part in a documentary with Richard Wilson about the best driving roads in the country. Needless to say we're all rather excited about it. The only hitch is the filming is going to be over two non-consecutive days somewhere in the deepest, darkest Trossachs. It also clashes with the Norton rally that I was hoping to go to, but I can pop in there on the way. It looks like I'll head down to the area, camp somewhere not too nearby (the closest campsite it about £16 per night for a tent) and then I can collect a few counties in between filming. Hark at me, I sound like I know all about this filming lark. The campsite I'm hoping to use is in Clackmannanshire, and I seem to recall a gentleman inviting me for lunch at the council canteen in that particular area. I quite fancy a peek at the Pineapple, in Falkirk-shire if only there was such a place on the old map I'm using, and of course the Falkirk wheel would be fun - blimey, its £8 for that though. Mind you, entrance to the gift shop and cafe is free....Think I'll also try and get to Dumbartonshire, Renfrewshire and the Isle of Bute. Better just go check the ferries for that one. Nice one, I can go via the Scottish Alps and catch the ferry for a 10 min crossing, then I think I'll nip to the Victorian loos. Aah, might need to try and cross Lanarkshire off too, then my next trip south can cover the Lothians and so on. Ooh, just remembered, promised Mr Bantam Cub I'd pop down and pick up some Cubbie forks...hope you're reading this BC...

And in other news....little Timmy Hastings, our pet racer, secured pole position at Oultan park today and came home in second place after a really sizzling race, so well done Timmy.

**Might just be a slight problem with the above plan....can't find any campsites that aren't full or cost the earth!


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