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Friday, 4 July 2008


Aah, just logging in from sunny Scarborough, I see Mrs BC has managed to update things on here, well done her, it must have been all those chocolates - brain food ya know. Cubbie still going strong, have clocked up over 700 miles now, gawd knows how many hills that equates to, other than a lot. The fine VMCC folk at the rally have donated a total of £117 to the Cubbie's Counties cause, thanks so much to everyone for that. Won't say too much more as I'll be updating this properly when I'm home, don't want to miss anything out. Have to go find a bank then get some grub for supper then back to the campsite. Living in a tent for a week is wearing a bit thin now!

I see there is a distinct lack of comments on here since I've been away, whats up with you all? Hmm????

Over 'n' oot.


Anonymous said...

Kudos for the stand-in...hope to read more...didn't think your rear-end needed


Darrell said...

Living in a tent for a week in such a beautiful place? That must be fun. Oh wait, I live in Florida, and it's always sunny here. Mmm......
Any chance Cubby could cross the pond?

Anonymous said...

The rear end is fine, I could follow it for miles, Slick.


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