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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

GBC & Cubbie update.

Well GBC and Cubbie have been taking it easy in the Yorkshire moors or dales, not sure which, so don't all shout at once. They've done over 500 miles so far ( wed pm) visited the highest pub (obviously) a bike gets thirsty tha knows, dun all the hills in Yorkshire ( her words, not mine) including a phenomenal 3 - 1 hill -climbing hill called The Chimney, at Rosedale. And I thought that cubbie wasn't pulling very well, mind you it apparently goes better with the petrol tank fixed down securely, Mmmm. I'm not sure if the fixing was done before or after the hill climb.
They've seen steam trains, and today have been on the set of Heartbeat, hobnobbing with the stars, well David anyway! Tomorrow it's off to the town of Melton, is that the pork pie place? I bet she doesn't bring one home, probably best not in view of the tropical temperatures down there. Compared to Aberdeenshire anyway.
Well, that's all for now folks, normal service should be resumed over the weekend, so watch this space.
Mrs. Biker Chick, Smallholder and Cook extraordinaire.

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