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Thursday, 17 July 2008

In case I forget...

...Which is likely. Monday 21st July is my blog birthday. Yep, one whole year since this electronic diary of GBC & Cubbie began. 12,000 hits later and we're still here. How are we going to celebrate? Suggestions (keep 'em clean please) on a comment.

Keep never know, I might have some tales of mechanical woe to report on the guessed it, it's rear end stripping time.

But tomorrow, Captain Bill, Mrs BC and I are off to check the route for our Road Safety Run and plan various things to do with it. Just noticed a terrible clash of dates though, road safety Vs the Moto Pison rally in Spain. Hmmmm, how are we going to sort that one?!

Latest Cubbie's Counties sponsorship news - big thanks to the management aka Little John and Star for their donation, which brings the total up to £900

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Birthday celebration? How about a youtube video of you and cubbie 'blasting' through a 6'x6' calender of the past year and then running into a computer shaped cake...don't forget the audio so we can hear what you and cubbie sound like...and don't forget to get Mrs BC in there too...



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