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Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Cubbie is back in the land of the living, but still making the same noise as it did before I 'fixed' it. Oil gushed forth from the primary case and petrol spewed out of the tap. Tap now sorted - found an old spare one in the box of bits, soaked the cork in boiling water and hey presto, it works. Just need to work out what ths noise is now.....

And on another sad doggy note, poor old Willie has now gone to the big kennel in the sky. 17 years old and had a good life, he used to kill anything with fur or feathers!

Off to work, more on Cubbie later, if you can stand the wait.


Took Cubbie out for a spin yesterday, my oh my, I'd forgotten how much fun it is! What a grin factor! Just a few miles round the block (that's a county block ya know) to see if it all held together - which it seemed to, apart from the massive primary case leak and the new (not new NEW but new to the situation) fuel tap which also now leaks! And I am still worried by this nasty noise that happens just as I pull away, and whilst the engine is under load. No one else can hear it which makes me wonder! Anyway, I'm just in conversation with my Head Mechanical Advisor aka Diggy so better go and pay attention. Roll on Summer!


Anonymous said...

I don't know much about Cubbies, (mine has never turned a wheel so far during my ownership), but old British bikes tend to be mechanically noisy anyway. Could it be that perhaps you are expecting too much quietness from the engine? Twin cylinder Triumphs are notoriously clattery.


MZ mark

Lindsay said...

"I am still worried by this nasty noise that happens just as I pull away, and whilst the engine is under load."

Based on that BC I be looking at the big end first. Mains tend to rumble at no load and low rpm when oil pressure is at its lowest.

Also a screw driver can help you identify if it is the main bearings. Just remember to put the thick end in your ear ;)


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