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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Woe is me.

The last time I did some work on Cubbie, I left it with the clutch and primary chain fitted, the gear box in but the selector forks had slipped so would have to sort that on my next attempt, and with the inner case fitted but not fixed, just to keep the hay and barley dust out of the guts really. So all I had to do on Saturday was remove the case and pop the forks and selector plate into the right place and then apply a bit of the old sealer and stick it all together. So there I was, gently easing the case off, and what should fall into my lap? The camshaft pinion, followed by the camshaft itself and as I sat there in total bewilderment, one of the tappets fell out. I'm not sure if the whole engine has to come apart now, or if just raising the head will give enough room to wiggle the pusrods back into place, then of course the valve timing (I heard that phrase somewhere) will need to be sorted. I think I might need a wee bitty help for this stage. Just under 4 weeks to go until Ingliston.....

I've now got a special email addy set up for Cubbies Counties so I'll just post it here and see how much spam I get as a result....cubbiescounties AT - you all know you have to change the AT to @ don't you?

1 comment:

john said...

No mention at all of your recent Centerfold spread in Classic Bike Guide ....lololol keeping it quiet huh
Doesnt look like too much trouble putting the cub back together from that picture ......lolol sure u'll sort it out


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