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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

More of this and that.

Well here I am, back from a wee jaunt to Thurso. Although I was there for work, I made sure I tracked down a classic biker, in the shape of last years Ingliston (Scottish Motorcycle Show) winner, James Budge. Thurso isn't somewhere one would normally be passing, so I thought it only polite to look him up. I didn't have any contact details for him, but amazingly, the second person I asked just happened to know James, although he couldn't tell me his he said "hop in yer car and follow me and I'll take you round there". Well the snow was blizzarding all over the place, it was dark and cold and to be honest, I was eager to get my chinky take-away and head back to my lonely hotel room, but follow him I did, and he led me straight there. James and his wife weren't in the least bit surprised that 'biker chick' had turned up on their doorstep! After a catch up chat and a look at the bikes - the prize winning Bonnie and his current project, a stunning, jaw droppingly, droolingly scrummy purple (with sparkly bits) Triumph T100 (on which he's done all the work himself) I just happened to ask which was the best take-away in town, and no sooner had I asked, he said "hop in yer car and I'll lead the way"! Whilst oop norf, I found some nice roads that I think the Grampian club chaps might like, so we'll have to head back there some day in the summer. I also bumped into a chap who used to have a BSA when he were a lad - I told not to swear at me and why didn't he have a Triumph? Ah yes, had one of those too, a 650. One night he and a few mates had been to the local dance in town and were coming home - about four of them on the 650, pitch dark, and all of a sudden a black horse appeared in the middle of the road! How they all survived he does not know, but at least he can look back on the event with such fond memories!

Back home and out in the shed, grovelling around amongst the hay, straw, muck and mud, I've been toiling away putting the gear box back in and trying to find all the 4gears. First I had 2, then there were none, and now there are 4 again. Next up was the replacement of the clutch, I was advised to lap the shaft and hub so I did (I always do as I'm told...), a gentle tap saw it all seated nicely, although since that tap there is the same amount of movement of the whole unit (hub and shaft) as there was before I took it apart (so therefore, it must be right....hopefully...perhaps....oh well), the sprockety thing, primary chain and rotor all went back on smoothly, followed by clutch plates and then the springs and do it all up. Unfortunately I ran out of light or I would have been attacking it with the goo gun to seal it all up. Maybe tomorrow.

The last club meeting was pretty entertaining, with a talk by a TT medical marshal and an 'ordinary' marshal. The racing on the Isle of Man is in danger due to a lack of marshals, so the talk was partly to encourage people to volunteer, and tell them what it was all about. A demo by the Doc at the end was most informative and detailed how to safely remove an injured riders helmet, and the circumstances under which it would be necessary to do so. If the rider is talking and breathing then you're probably best leaving the lid alone for fear of possible neck injuries, but if in any doubt or they keep drifting off, it is best to remove the lid so as to perform the ABC - airways, breathing and circulation. So it's thanks to Doc David for the gory side of the talk and Jeremy for the insight into his marshalling experiences - and for being the patient!

Well folks, nearly time to announce Cubbies Counties officially. Oops, look what I just did.

More on that soon!


The Go Mann said...

I'm volunteering as a TT marshall for the first time this year: anybody that comes to the racing should, too :)

john said...

lolol now I know who the go mann is .....
anyway,gotta say ..... its only GBC that could go to a place like thurso and write up something worth reading lololol excellent.



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