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Thursday, 29 November 2007

Well boyz n girlz, I've been collecting and carting rocks, stones and pebbles for the last few days. We have an old tumble down croft on our land, so some of the bigger rocks have come from there to fill most of the 12" deep area which actually extends further than I thought. After the big rocks were down, smaller stones from the veggie garden were sprinkled on top and now we (Mrs GBC and my good self) are collecting slightly smaller stones to smooth the top off. Tis hard work but gotta be done. I've also been sneaking round the farm with my pick axe, digging any lumpy looking areas and leaving no stone unturned....sorry....
Won't be long and I can put sand on the stones, then the damp proof stuff and then, if the weather holds, I can start mixing. The pic here is one I took this morning so things have moved on a lot since then.

Did I mention I went to another MAG meeting? This one was about winter riding and although ex police Class I motorcyclist, Keith Henderson, covered a lot of the basic things, it doesn't hurt to remind yourself from time to time. Also, some things we think we know, we maybe don't! I hope to book him for the Grampian classic lot some time next year.

You'll have noticed the *NEW* slideshow feature. I'm quite pleased now I've managed to stop it zooming in and focusing on my, er, bottom in one of the pictures. That seemed to be popular with the chaps who viewed the blog before I had it all sorted so all I'm hearing now are complaints! It only takes about 25 photos so I might (no promises) try and change them from time to time. On the other hand, I might make the show last for a limited time only.

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John said...

Slide show is excellent BC, the prototype certainly had it's charms .... lol.



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