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Thursday, 6 December 2007


Oops, sorry to anyone who looked in for an update. I was going to do it yesterday, but nipped outside and it was such a nice day (tee shirt weather in December in Scotland!) that I got involved in mixing some concrete for the side bits of the shed base. Where the stones are piled up to make the inside bit level, I'm concerned that they might all tumble out when I remove the shuttering, so I'm plugging the sides with concrete.

Anyway, I suppose those of you who have sat through the slide show want to know how I ended up with a black eye...on Friday the fencers turned up to fence the top field. They had to move a concrete water trough and the only way of doing so was to pull it with their tractor - but they didn't have a tow rope, so muggins here got the one from the steading for them, which has a nice big metal hook on the end. It was stored on a high shelf, and wouldn't budge so I gave it a little tug...and yep, it whacked me in the face. A huge bruise appeared instantly where it caught the edge of my eye, then over night the rather pretty shades of purple, blue, black, green and a bit of yellow developed - and of course, I had to work on Saturday! I noticed that people in shops tended to move away from me and give me funny looks!

Tuesday was a chuckle 'cos it was the Grampian Classic club Xmas bash, and all those funny funny guys had a right old laugh at my expense - one cheeky so 'n' so even said that I'd been due a black eye for a long time! He was only about 4' tall though so I can cope with insults like that... The party was a great success, with a total of 40 members / partners attending and all seeming to have a good time. Some of us had a little natter and are planning some trips for next year - notibly to the Shetland show in June.

Roll on next year, I've got so many places to go to and things to do, I can't wait! Oh, guess I better put the gear box back in Cubby before I can go anywhere...

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MZ Mark said...

You're a lucky lass not to have got a serious eye injury. Glad you're OK.

MZ Mark


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