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Sunday, 18 November 2007

All systems GO!

Well chaps, shuttering crisis over, good old Fido let me have the timber that he used for his shed base recently. The only thing is, its 4", so that's what my floor will be. It was a bit of a struggle getting it here as some of the lengths are about 4 or 5m I think, and with trailer still out of commission, it was time to invent some sort of roof rack using wood, cable ties and a ladder. Not as bad as you may think, and it stayed on all the way there and back. With these short days there wasn't much time after a quick lunch to to much 'shedding', but I managed to get the bits in place, chopped and lengthened to suit, also had to extend the site a bit to make room to work around it. Puppy enjoyed the digging, fetching every single stone that I chucked onto the pile. At the front of the site, the floor will be raised to about the level of 2 concrete blocks (the ground falls away quite a bit) so I'll have to construct some sort of wall to hold everything in place, and along the sides, there will need to be some sort of triangular shuttering to hold the rubble / hardcore in place. I know what I mean! Tomorrow I'll phone Lovies and order the sandy ballast, then pick up the mixer sometime in the week, and then on the weekend - when the weather is forecast to be nice on Saturday but wet on Sunday, I can crack on. According to the Met Office, the following week is going to be drier if a little colder so I should be able to get at least 2/3 of it down. I've got a tarpaulin to cover it with if (when) it rains, and some straw to keep it warm. Ah yeah, got to fit going to work in there too, somehow, and it's time for my Annual Review with the boss!



izinbard said...

Hey BC you could / should use your first few batches of CMT to stabilise the hard core around the edges if the pile is above ground level, it does not have to be thick, just enough to glue it all together and keep it in place. Best of luck with Chubby Towers.


Anonymous said...

Chubby Towers---???? you can almost hear the @sse-kicking boots being pulled on------------ its CUBBY Towers ain't it Wee Lassie.????
B-J who's still waiting fer that free mag. :o(

fido said...

Yes, Izz, thats what I said. Grate minds.....


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