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Friday, 9 November 2007

My first time

I was invited along to a MAG meeting the other night. That's the Motorcycle Action Group ya know. In general, MAG fight for bikers rights, and the local Aberdeenshire group in particular say "the group aims to build itself up, to be a powerful local force to ensure that the views of the bikers are being heard locally, while liaising with the MAG National Committee to help fight our cause on a National and European level". A jolly good idea, don't you think? So I'd been chatting with one of the committee members, Seona, about rules and regs for an event up here, and she suggested I pop along and see what they're all about. It just happened they had organised a talk by a biker friendly solicitor from a firm called Digbybrown. Brian Castle was his name, and backing bikers when they have diesel or pothole related accidents, is his game. He covered many topics and all the ins and outs are too numerous to mention, suffice to say, even if you think there is no hope of finding who is responsible for dumping a puddle of slippery diesel on the road, follow a few important procedures and all might not be lost. He emphasised if you have a spill, report it to the police, try and get them to attend the scene to measure up and record damage, inform the local council, try and get witnesses and ask them to examine the road, take pics if you can and note down EVERYTHING including your speed and even the weather. He did cover all this in much more detail but I'm not going into that here, just make sure you REPORT IT.

Also, here's a handy tip to help other people, if you see road damage or diesel, you can report it through the MAG website so that if someone does have an accident, things will be made a bit easier for them if the defect etc is already logged.

On the same topic, Brian, from Digbybrown will be doing another talk in march so hopefully I'll drag the Grumpyuns along to that.
Camping trip this weekend is off :-( Bit breezy and snowy out there, especially at Aviemore.
But never mind, nearly 2000 hits on the blog!

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