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Monday, 6 August 2007

More o' this, more o' that and not enough fuel.

Got quite a lot of news this time. I finally managed to make time to finish the primary chain fitting. I had to attack the new Woodruff key I'd acquired with the grinder though as it was way too big. I started off with a file, then a hacksaw but neither made a mark, so after some advice from Diggy in NZ, I fired up the grinder, and I'm really quite proud of the job I did. Then all I had to do was cure the leaking petrol tap in time for the Oldmeldrum show (yesterday). I had a new circlip for it but that didn't help. I've lost count of the number of times I had to drain the and fill the tank, fit and remove the tap. I tried the tap from my Bulto, which did fit but leaked even more! (It didn't leak on the Bulto). I found an old push / pull device in the box of Cub spares, cleaned it all up, fitted it, put petrol in the tank, only to find that it was gushing out of the tap before I'd even turned it on. It took about 3 hours of this before I finally beat the old one into submission. It only dribbles a little bit now.

All that remained was to fit the new solid state rectifier, which should have been a simple case of removing the wires from the old one, and hooking them up to the new one. Wrong. With only a + mark to guide me, I didn't have a clue where to attach the other three wires. My electrical advisor, Fido, came up with a diagram showing which terminal was which and after that it was easy peasy. And guess what? The Cub still started. But this was Sunday morning by now, and although it started it just would not run. So, out with the old petrol which must have got contaminated and in with fresh which I'd drained from the Royal Enfield and my MZ.

That was enough to get me to the show, but during the games, Cubby spluttered to a halt. Oops. Luckily I'd taken the can with mower petrol in for emergencies (being Sunday the local garage was shut) and that was enough to get me home, well it would have done if we'd got that far without a breakdown. About 5 miles from home, and in the tipping rain, the clutch started slipping and then we ground to a halt, the clutch lever refusing to be moved. Luckily, good ol' Mum was to hand with the back up van and in the Cubby went. Investigations will take place soon - ie before the club run tomorrow evening.... At the latest, I need to fix it for next weekend, which is the S&T at Crieff, and the following one is the National at Blairgowrie. After that I'm off to the Manx GP - but that's not on the Cub. Can't wait!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow - it's viewing day. This is the 650 project I'm talking about. I'm trying not to get too excited, but having read a few write ups about the model in question it's hard not to. I'm still a little bit unsure if this is the right time to empty all my piggy banks, but I'm convincing myself it is an investment.

Robin of Wales and his clan popped in to say hello, they're camping a few miles away. Finn loves playing with the two younger kids, and they've been really good with him - a constant source of stick throwing! They joined us at the Oldmeldrum show and had a good time, although Robin refused to take a spin on the Cub in the games. I wonder how their tent stood up to the thunder storms and torrential rain last night.

Well, having just finished my write up about the Ariels I tested in Shetland I'd better start on the BSA Shooting Star report. Is there no rest? My boss of the day job has been on at me too for not reporting regularly enough. Think it's time for a doughnut. Over and out. Ps thanks for voting in the sidecar poll.

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