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Sunday, 29 July 2007

Carpet burns

My knees are sore, but it isn't what you're thinking! We've got an incontinent old Fox Terrier and a nearly toilet trained collie pup, and between them they've kinda ruined the kitchen carpet. The good folk on Aberdeenbikers came up with some second hand stuff and I've spent most of the day crawling around on my hands and knees fitting it. Not a bad job though if I may say so. I was hoping to have finished fitting the primary chain on the Cub but such is life, maybe I'll get that done tomorrow.

Santa arrived yesterday with a couple of early pressies for GBC, namely a nice little engine for my 250 MZ and that all important sidecar chassis. So now I've got all I need to build the Gromit Machine. Or should I call it the Stig? (The chair was found in a skip so if the name fits...). Let's see if I can set up a poll on here and you can vote on your fav name.

On the subject of MZs, I had to nip down to Perth yesterday to test a BSA Shooting Star for the mag, so decided to give the Skorp a run out. I'd forgotten how much I love to ride it. The chap who owns the BSA rode it for a while and commented on how light it is - one of the reasons why it's such a great bike for me, 'cos I'm only likkle. The trouble is, having a Royal Enfield 500cc Bullet with electric start on loan for the summer means my poor old MZ gets left in the shed sometimes, which, admittedly, is better than leaving it out in the rain, which is where it has spent most of the summer due to the Cub moving from the house to the 8 x 6 shed. I need more sheds. But I feel they'd end up growing bikes in them.


Anonymous said...

exellent idea BC ..... and its a good read ....

Btw ... reckon BC's Bucket would be a good name ...lolol , well not really ..


Anonymous said...

How about skip


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