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Sunday, 12 August 2007


Just a quick report from the S&T at Crieff. Can't say too much because a full report should be in Classic Bike Guide in the near future, but thought you might like to know the Cub maintains it's 100% record. Each time I've been out on it, it's broken down. Minor details so far, and all to be expected after simply bolting the engine back together after a 30 year lay up. Some of these problems however, have been owner induced, but you'll have to check the mag for all the gory details. Thank the God of Classic Motorcycling for gracing us with so many helpful, friendly British bike enthusiasts.
For anyone not in the know, the S&T is an event where you nominate a speed and route length from the choices given by the organisers, and I think you're supposed to aim to maintain that average speed all the way around, arriving at checkpoints at the right times. I struggle to read the 'maps' they dish out let along make it on time, so I just had a good time chugging along in the pouring rain. I've acquired some of the stuff I need to fix Cubbie up for next weekend, so I'm in with a fighting chance.
The 650 project by the way, is a no no. Not enough bits there.
Collins dictionary definition of 'gorgeous' - splendid, showy, dazzling, extremely pleasing.

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