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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Putting us to shame....

No, no progress on Terry (Gorgeous Biker Chick's Terrier) or Yorkie (MFM's plunger Cub) but Scott-Scotty-Scott-Scott is really cracking on with his build for the Gaffers Gallop - 200 days to go..........if you can't be there in person join us on Facebook by searching for Gee-Bee Chick or The Gaffers Gallop 2013....or if you have a Terrier or even a Tiger Cub, why not join us for some of our journey?

Scott's Terrier in the paint shop

Coming together slowly - but not as slowly as our bikes!

And the beginnings of a luggage rack, which by the time I've hit 'post' will probably be completed and fitted!!!


Hairy Larry said...

There is that lovely 'chocolately' Amaranth red color, or is that colour? Looks beautiful.

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

That's the colour Larry, correct for Terriers, Speed Twins and early something-elses that I can't quite remember. Ever since I saw my first Speed Twin I thought it was a lovely colour for a bike, so many bikes are just black!


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