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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Gaffers Gallop planned stops

Days and dates of the stops on the Gaffers Gallop 2013.

Day 1
Sun 6th October 2013
Roche > Land’s End > Exeter
Approx 170miles

Day 2
Mon 7th
Exeter > Malmesbury (lunch) > Leamington Spa
Approx 163miles

Day 3
Tues 8th
Leamington Spa > Boroughbridge (lunch) > Carlisle
Approx 246miles

Day 4
Weds 9th
Carlisle > Perth (lunch) > Inverness
Approx 263miles

Day 5
Thurs 10th
Inverness > John O Groats (and possibly back to Wick to crack the 1000 mile barrier)
Approx 158miles

The Gaffers Gallop 2013 will attempt to stay on the roads that Edward Turner used in 1953.  If you know the ‘old’ roads in any of the above areas, please get in touch with the Gaffers Gang so that we can plan accordingly.

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