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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Places still available for VINTAGE TRAINING DAY


Due to the success of the first ever Scottish Vintage Motorcycle Training Day in Aberdeenshire last year, there will be another chance for you to try some rare and beautiful machines on SUNDAY 22nd MAY 2011. This time the event is being held at Lanark Auction Mart in Lanarkshire to make it more accessible for those in the central and southern parts of the country - and it is also within suitable travelling distance for those in the north of England. Accommodation is available nearby. The cost of entry to the event is £30 (+ £3 for non members) and pre-booking is a MUST.

If you have a pre1931 machine, or even a slightly later model with a hand gear change or lever throttle, or any features that make it just a little bit different and challenging to ride, then PLEASE GET IN TOUCH. We'd also love to have a few BSA three-wheelers, Morgans or sidecar outfits (these need not be as old, for simply riding one will be the challenge!) for the riders to try. Some of the machines kindly supplied by members last year include a 1923 Hobart...1930 Ariel LG250...1927 Raleigh Model 17...1929 Velo KTT...1930 Scott...1922 Indian Powerplus...RE Model K lots of different Sunbeams! Without at least 20 machines, we can't hold the Training Day so if you think you have something of interest, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!!!

The training days are the only way that some people can experience vintage / veteran motorcycles and sidecars, so please consider lending a machine to make someone's day. The event is overseen by Chairman Kim Allen and is conducted in an educational manner with riders (and owners) being fully briefed before any riding takes place.

Please note that your machine must be roadworthy and road legal - but you've got 2 months yet so get those spanners out and get cracking, Grommet! Riders must hold a full motorcycle licence.
If you have any questions, have a bike to lend, want to help out (yes, we need a few helpers to make sure things run smoothly - how about if you were an entrant last year, switching roles and helping out this year?) or want to book a place, drop me an email to cubbiescounties AT but make sure you change the AT to @.

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